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Morning Links

Part three of the Post's tax lien investigation finds 20 percent of liens sold accidentally. [Post]

Mayor Vince Gray and Jack Evans say they're surprised by the investigation, but a group tried to tell them about the problems last year. [Post]

A tax lien sale moratorium will need legislation from the D.C. Council. [Housing Complex]

There's more than one kind of problematic tax lien sale. [Housing Complex]

Without all the land secured, Gray is set to sign a labor deal for the D.C. United stadium. [NBC 4]

David Grosso plans to introduce pot legalization bill next week. [Times]

Metro ridership falls 4 percent. [WAMU]

With a double-digit drop on weekends. [GGW]

Vincent Orange gets fit. [LL]

Howard falls in the college rankings. [Post]

More details on Georgetown stabbings [Post]

15th Street NW bike lane repaving starts. [WAMU]

D.C. leads the country in unintended pregnancies. [WAMU]

  • RealDC

    The system is BROKE: Where a 95 yr old lady with Alzheimers has a $44 tax bill and her tax lien is sold. Then her house is foreclosed on and is sold for $300,000 and the lien holder keeps all of her equity. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    If not true, then OTR should state otherwise.

    At this point, folks need to be FIRED and held liable!!! Gandhi, Cordi, Umansky..etc..


  • Asuka

    Extreme anecdotes don't prove there's a problem. The alternative is, of course you, that people could just pay their taxes. It is not the city's responsibility to manage the finances of every resident, nor should it be.

  • RealDC

    @asuka-Really?You are a fool or you work for OTR. Or both. Either way, your response is just wrong!

    Of course, "extreme anecdotes don't prove there's a problem", unless you are the victim.

    Yes, people should pay their taxes and the city, when paid, should credit their account?? This article stated several times that the city was paid and still did not credit the person's account. THE CITY HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO COLLECT MONEY AND WHEN COLLECTED GET IT RIGHT.

    The city also have responsibility to hire COMPETENT, NON-CORRUPT employees. Which OTR FAILS to do time and time again.

    If not, the city needs to fire INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT employees and make them PERSONALLY responsible for their financial indiscretions. INCLUDING JAIL TIME!!!

  • Joan

    Who do we shoot first for doing this insane madness?