Loose Lips

Morning Links

Post investigation finds delinquent tax liens auctioned off, with homeowners losing their properties for as little as $134. [Post]

Auctions were plagued by suspicious bidding. [Post]

Mayor Vince Gray calls investigation's findings "unacceptable." [Twitter]

Department of Health proposes 24-hour tattoo waiting period. [City Desk]

Nearly 350 DCPS teachers get late or incorrect paychecks. [Post]

Colby KingJeff Thompson is "toast." [Post]

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton expects more progress on budget autonomy. [WAMU]

Office of Planning plans "transformation" of Franklin Square. [Housing Complex]

Buzzard Point tries to ditch the scavenger bird reputation. [Housing Complex]

Cab or sedan driver accused of two stabbings in Georgetown. [NBC4]

Frager's paint store reopens after fire. [Post]


  • RealDC

    This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Folks are losing their homes for $134 tax bill?? Are you kidding me?

    Mayor One City, wake your azz up and do SOMETHING!! All 3 of the current council members that are running for mayor should be held accountable for this situation.

    The lazy, incompetent bureaucrats responsible for this need to be fired immediately.

    The lazy, incompetent City Council members who knew about this but cared not to fix it need to be exposed and turned out of office. All 13 council members need to RESIGN, you have FAILED to protect some of the most vulnerable citizens of this city, the elderly. The mayor and Norton needs to resign as well, this is inexcusable on ALL levels.

    Shame on ALL elected DC officials for ALLOWING this to go on!!! How much did these crooks donate to the campaigns of DC officials? Which candidates did they donate too??

    Makes you wonder about "gentrification" and the velocity that it hits certain neighborhoods?? Get rid of the old "natives" and the new "progressives" can buy their house at an auction or "get a deal" on an inside arrangement.

    How was H street changed "over night"? Come on Tommy Wells, tell us?

    Bowser, do you have any clue on anything? Never mind, just put on the Fenty green and "look the part"..... the ward 4 council intern offers NOTHING of value!!

    Jack Evans, any thoughts? Yep, we know Jack does not have the courage to LEAD the city. Is there anybody else in ward 2 that can run against him? Geez.