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Four Questions Tommy Wells Didn’t Answer In His Reddit Appearance

Mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells followed the path honed by Barack Obama and At-Large Councilmember David Grosso and took questions from Reddit users Sunday night. Wells spent most of the time restating his positions on smart growth (for), the Large Retailer Accountability Act (against), and abolishing the D.C. Taxicab Commission (for).

But the name of the game is Ask Me Anything, and LL is saddened to report that Wells did not, in fact, answer everything. Among the questions Wells skipped:

  • "Mr. Wells, what's the dankest weed you've ever smoked?"
  • "Who would you rather fight: 50 duck-sized Vincent Oranges, or one Vincent Orange-sized duck?"
  • "I'm curious, who do you think would win in a fight, Muriel Bowser or Mario and Luigi?"
  • "Mr. Wells, what's your favorite Fugazi album?"

In the absence of Wells' position on post-hardcore, he made a video explaining why he's against raising the District's height limit.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Bill Wilson

    Ahow about "Tosspot Tommy, when was the last decade in which you can recall drawing a sober breath?

  • RealDC

    Who is this "hillbilly" ?

    I know his mayoral campaign is "flat" as a flounder. But really, what is he bringing to the table? And don't tell me the bag tax and street cars. I'm still pissed about having to take my pillowcase to the store when I need groceries. I'm looking like a cat burglar at Safeway...thanks Tommy. Is the river cleaned? Can we fish there?

    And street cars up and down H Street, are you kidding me, how much is this boondoggle? It was a reason we got rid of streetcars 50 years ago, what has changed? Oh, follow the money, the company out of Oregon is making a killing off of the sale of these cars to DC. Congressional districts, jobs, etc..... got it...boondoggle!!

    No thanks, Tommy!

  • Mr. Drysdal

    @RealDC Hysterical! I hadn't thought of it but its like Jethro Bodine ran to be mayor of Beverly Hills or more like Otis ran to be mayor of Mayberry. FYI Streetcars which are far more economical to run than buses were torn out at the behest of the oil lobby. That being said how this sad inebriate can take credit for streetcars is a real doozy. Streetcars were proposed and the process started during the Williams administration long before Wells crawled out from under his rock or rather his keg or barrel.

  • NE John

    No, the streetcars will be very good for my city.

  • RealDC

    @MrDrysdale(my favorite banker)-I hear you on the oil folks pushing to get rid of the streetcars. But the repairs and upkeep of that system was pricey as well. The cost of this new streetcar system can reach $1.7 billion?? Too much. Also, the streets are not wide enough for buses, traffic and now streetcars. Commute time will suck. Plus buses run on CNG(natural gas) now. Very clean and economical.

    I like Rice of Roni too, but SF never got rid of their streetcars. So the city was built around them. DC is trying to retrofit, will have a lot unforeseen consequences. That is problem with the Metro train system, retrofitting.

  • Gray is Awkward

    please please please never never never place The President in another article with this bum


    REALDC.... please to be getting over yourself.

  • RealDC

    @molly- choose a better a candidate