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Marijuana Activists Withdraw Their Referendum for Now

Facing opposition from the District's attorney general, supporters of a referendum to decriminalize marijuana withdrew their proposed ballot initiative today. But according to Adam Eidinger, one of the referendum's backers, that was all part of the plan.

The initiative includes language offering drug treatment and awareness. That runs afoul of the District's prohibition on referendums appropriating city money, according to an Aug. 27 letter from attorney general Irv Nathan. Eidinger says he was testing the city to see what its reaction would be.

He plans to resubmit by the end of next week.When he does, the initiative will have language legalizing marijuana possession in the District, instead of just replacing criminal fines with possession with civil ones. Unlike Councilmember Tommy Wells' decriminalization bill, which is expected to pass the D.C. Council sometime in the fall, Eidinger's initiative also legalizes home marijuana growing.

"This initiative is going to look very different when we resubmit it," Eidinger says.

Update: Eidinger plans to resubmit his initiative by the end of next week, not this week.  

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  • ward2guy

    Adam Eidinger is known for very extreme positions. He ran for office. He is involved in extreme issues: libertarianism, anti-IMF protests, etc.

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  • http://dcmj.org ADam Eidinger

    Nice job but a minor correction is in order as DCMJ.org doesn't plan to re-submit this Friday but the next. This is a holy week for Jews, so we will need more time to prepare.

  • extreme?

    So you don't like Adam, therefore the referendum ____? Whatever you think about Adam Eidinger, this is a good idea and I hope the referendum backers write it carefully to avoid legal challenges. This would have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of many DC residents.

  • ward2guy

    I don't dislike you, Adam. (I know it's you, Adam, due to the avatar, extreme, and due to the timing of the two posts.)

    I don't know you personally, but I follow local affairs. I have seen your campaign signs and your efforts to garner attention to for yourself.

    Seriously, any effort lead by anarchists won't have much credibility.

  • Sandy Voellinger

    ward2guy -

    Your comment about someone being an extremist simply because they are a Libertarian is way off base. Note, Libertarianism doesn't mean anarchist as it once did, the modern version is much different these days.

    I don't know much if anything about Adam Eidinger beyond what I've just read, but your statement is ignorant of what many of us hold as the base of our principles these days. If simply having a set of beliefs as listed below make us extremists, does that mean you consider someone radical simply because they differ from your viewpoint?

    To clarify what a modern Progressive Libertarian believe in:

    Constitutional Law & Proper Role of Government
    Local, from the ground up policy
    Consumer Info Regulations
    Sound Monetary Policy
    Electoral Reform & Voter Activism
    Peaceful Foreign Policy & Friendly Trade
    End the War on Drugs
    Gun & Privacy Rights
    Promoting Adoption & Contraception Education
    Alternative Energy & Sustainability