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Jack Evans’ Constituent Fund Under Investigation For Donations

The Office of Campaign Finance is looking into whether mayoral hopeful Jack Evans' constituent service fund took illicitly bundled donations.

What's being described by OCF spokesman Wesley Williams as a "preliminary investigation" was revealed at today's D.C. Board of Elections meeting. "The allegation involves receipt of contributions from three entities that appear to be affiliated with the same primary ownership," OCF general counsel William SanFord told the board.

Constituent service fund donations are capped at $500 per individual. While the funds' name makes it sound like they're for covering funeral costs and heating bills for the indigent, they're also spent on less laudable purposes. In Evans' case, some of his fund is regularly spent on tickets to Nationals and Capitals games (Evans says most of the tickets are given away).

Evans tells LL he hasn't been contacted yet by OCF, but has some idea what the investigation could be about.

"My understanding from what I am being told is that it involves a minor matter involving whether or not we got a duplicate donation," Evans says. If his constituent service fund did take an inappropriate donation, Evans says he'll return it.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • chris hauser

    small stuff.

  • Jes’ sayin’

    So is this an investigation where they are investigating to determine if there should be an investigation? Or is this an investigation where they are investigating whether they should investigate whether there should be an investigation?

    This preliminary investigation stuff is one giant nothingburger served on an invisible bun.

    Wake me when there's something here of substance.

  • Voila

    "Illicit bundling".?.....Will, lose Theis as your source, write your own leads, you are being played boy!

  • drez

    This is not "illicit bundling".
    Call it what it is: Straw Donations.
    The same shit Jeff Thompson did to elect Gray.
    No wonder Evans was moonlighting as Gray's Campaign Manager last week on Kojo.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Yes, yes, yes, everything must circle back to Gray. We get it. Trust me, Jack Evans is no Gray flunky. His dirty deeds are born and bred in his elitist mind and his alone. Lets not forget. Jack backed Fenty not Gray.


    And Jeff Thompson did plenty to get many of the Districts politicians elected. Even some of your favs Drez. You conveniently, but predictably, left those out. Tisk!

  • sticktoyourguns

    ok so Bowser is worried Evans will get the white vote the man has been on the council for years with no record of doing anything wrong now this. So Bowser & Fenty's people will do anything to tarnish everybody but they won't look in the mirror

  • anonymous

    "the man has been on the council for years with no record of doing anything wrong now this"


    -Controlled illegal JackPAC slush fund for 10+ years until Linda Cropp outed him in 2006;
    -(Still) Chair of Finance & Revenue oversight committee during biggest theft ($52 million) in DC history
    -Conflicts of interest with his outside employer (Patton Boggs) and his public office
    -Questionable use of his public office to benefit substantial campaign donors (real estate developers, DC contractors, big business)

  • JackAttack

    Not sure what any of this has to do with Bowser. The way Evans handles his constituent funds has been a matter of discussion in the past, and Wells indirectly slammed Evans on DePuyt this morning for spending so much money on sports tickets. He literally spent $450 helping constituents over the last reporting period and $12,100 on sports tickets for stakeholders, with an additional $1,200+ in activities (club memberships, stuff for parades) that's actually targeted at boosting his campaign prospects.

    Jack agrees with Wells and Bowser on the need for Walmart at Walter Reed and Skyland, but voted for the LRAA bill. He's trying to cozy up to Barry, Bonds, and Orange as well.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if he was behind the anonymous signs attacking Bowser and Wells all over NW DC.

    His campaign-driven motives are so transparent it's hard to take anything he says seriously. He's just playing for votes.

  • noodlez



  • Really?

    I see the rules for ya'll and the rules for us coward is in full effect!