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Jack Evans Makes the Case for Vince Gray

If Mayor Vince Gray is looking for some surrogates for his still unannounced campaign, he could do worse than Jack Evans. Appearing on WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show on Friday, the Ward 2 councilmember and mayoral hopeful made a heck of a case for Gray 2014.

Evans is such a fan of Gray's that he wouldn't name one thing Gray had done wrong in his first term. "I think the mayor's done a good  job," Evans said. "I'm a supporter of Mayor Gray."

Evans insists that he's not running against the mayor because Gray hasn't declared. Even if Gray does enter the race, though, Evans says he won't drop out.

That could make for some awkward moments on the campaign trail if Evans has to face down an incumbent he's praised. Then again, if you like Gray, you might like Evans, too. "I would continue doing a lot of things he's doing," Evans said.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


    Apparently Mr. Evans is oblivious to the Federal Investigation into Vinny's illegal shadow campaign, as Vinny was oblivious to those who ran his illegal shadow campaign....After all...there were so so many who wanted Vinny elected Mayor, that they would not only run an illegal campaign, but sacrificed their own freedom to get Vinny elected Mayor...though these sacrifices come in forms of jail sentences, these brave campaign workers were not promised anything in return for running this illegal shadow campaign...simply amazing people doing selfish acts of bravery...

  • Mr Dynamite

    Only the citizens of DC that voted for Gray, got him elected. He didn't even need to have a shadow campaign. That is what's so frustrating.

  • Art

    No truer words, @Mr Dynamite.

  • John Smith

    It is sad how corrupt D.C. is from the citizen of D.C. all the way up to Obama.

  • Ugh

    DC corrupt? Except for Graham this crowd are lightweights, chumps. You want to see what real corruption is, go to Cleveland or better yet, Detroit. There they stole the seed corn. Ask BobBob, he knows how to work Detroit.

  • noodlez


  • JustAsking

    Come on guys this is politics 101. Jack is going to "get what he gets" of the white vote in NW and pray that the Hill/Ward 6 does not kill him. Now he must do simple math - where can he out perform Tommy/Muriel so that in the end he wins?

    He will run as the "I will not change a thing candidate" the status quo and when Vince finally sees the writing there is someone to "carry the mantle" for the outgoing Mayor. Again his political people (Tom L.) are giving sound advice.

    Now if the Mayor does think he is going to beat this Jack has an AMAZING pivot point to the black community "I am right with the Mayor but without the potential of a prison term" candidate. Shear genius political math with little risk to alot of reward...there are already two candidates pulling up to the "reform" plate...why not go to the other end of the trough and start eating as quickly as possible?

    Bravo Jack!

  • Purify

    @Mr Dynamite, only the citizens of DC and Ward 9 got him elected.

  • LoveDC

    @JustAsking TomL is working for Muriel not Jack

  • JustAsking

    Damn! I would not have guessed that one...I am away from DC on an indefinite hiatus overseas. Seemed like a pure Tom move. I stand corrected.

  • lalaland

    aw gimme a break. because he wont sling mud and give "reporters" like debonis and madden something to "write" about, he is a lesser candidate?

    i like the fact that he wont talk shit and he will run on his record alone. muriel and tommy will spend all their time talking trash because they HAVE NO RECORD.

  • Asuka

    Can we all stop pretending there is even a small chance that Gray will be running for re-election? Evans more or less just said he isn't, and is now angling for Gray's former voters. Too bad the media is unwilling or unable to hold Gray accountable for this farce. Stop interviewing him, stop posting his releases, stop paying any attention to him until he declares his intentions. This is getting ridiculous.

  • sticktoyourguns

    mr dynamite you are so right

  • sticktoyourguns

    well I'll take Jack Evans over Bowser anyday I mean if you stop and think about it do you really want her clueless self running the entire city? I mean she is already faking it with ward 4. Can you imagine the shape this city would demote itself to? OMG I am getting scared just thinking about it and for the record I am black and just as scared that others who are will vote for her just because they "want a black mayor" GET OUTTA HER WITH THAT MESS! Vote for someone who can do the job!

  • Catifish

    Vince Gray, in my view, is one of the best big city mayors in the country. Let's hope he has the opportunity to run for re-election on his record as Mayor.

  • Asuka

    Do any of you think Evans (or ANY candidate) would say something like that about a person he believes to be an opponent? Do any of you think Evans would have even considered running if he thought Gray was going to? Evans is in a better position than nearly anyone outside the Machen's office to know Gray's intentions. Gray is not running. Evans and Wells split the white vote. Bowser wins, no matter how much you DCPS zombies hate her.

  • drez

    Gray's a crook that needs to go. His approval ratings are stuck at 20%, regardless of whether the city is running ok or not.
    That Jack can't say the obvious is not evidence of any deep strategy or wisdom on his part. It's evidence of his moral cowardice and self-interest. Not exactly qualities one looks for in a leader.

  • Really?

    @Mr Dynamite...true!

    Look jack in the box can't pivot to AA community. He hasn't made any amends to citizens of Shaw when he annexed them from Ward 2 it said a lot about his feelings towards that community.

    Look Jack it aint going to happen. As a former single parent just be thankful that you were able to have that extra 90K side gig to take care of dem triplets.


    How many Pro Fenty voters do you think were persuaded to vote for ole Vinny....If ole Vinny didn't need to run an illegal shadow campaign, then why did Vernon Hawkins lie to the Feds so that Person A (as stated in court documents) wouldn't have to testify...Hawkins and Miss Harris gave Person A money to get outta town so Person A could avoid being questioned by the Feds.....

    So if ole Vinny didn't need to run an illegal shadow campaign to get elected, then why so many influential people involved in this well planned illegal campaign????

    Since ole Vinny was elected....why so many have had to step down from their positions...why did ole Vinny appoint incompetentent and never vetted for their positions like Lisa Mallory, the director of the District Office Employment Services (DOES)....pay to play...naw...that $500 donation on 9/3/2010 at the Kenny Ellerbe Gray for Mayor fundraiser held at tue 201 Lounge had nothing to do with it....

    Im sure if most of you Count Gray supporters knew his predecessor would be corrupt, you'd all line up to cast your ballots....