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Vince Gray Finally Has the Living Wage Bill

Fifty-one days after the D.C. Council passed the Large Retailer Accountability Act—otherwise known as the Walmart living wage bill—Council ChairmanPhil Mendelson has sent the bill to Mayor Vince Grayfor his signature.

Gray received the bill around 3:20 p.m., according to mayoral spokesman Pedro Ribeiro.

With that wait over, another one can start. The mayor has 10 business days to veto or sign the legislation. With the Labor Day weekend, that means that Gray has until Monday, Sept. 16.

The next step is for the mayor's staff to review the bill's language and ensure that it hasn't been changed. "We have to do our due diligence," Ribeiro says.

Update, 9:40 p.m.
: In a letter to Gray attached with the bill (below), Mendelson ties his request for the mayor to sign the bill with the week's March on Washington commemoration.

This past week you and I attended several events related to the 1963 March on Washington. One of the nine printed goals of that March was an increase in the minimum wage. The cry for freedom and justice recognized that economic equality is essential, too. The demand in 1963 was for a $2 minimum wage. What is $2 in 1963 worth today? $15.27. If Dr. King thought $15.27 an hour was n ended for the dream, the least we can do is $12.50.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • RealDC

    What you say Gray? Are you for the residents of DC or will you cave under Walmart's aggressive pressure?

    Walmart's local lobbying monkeys are the worst. We know they got Bowser in their pocket but not Gray??

    DC does not need 6 Walmarts!

  • Ward-8

    My guess is our Mayor with the dark indictment cloud hanging over his head will cave to the billionaire owners of Wal-mart, is all about the campaign donation, we will tell the citizens what they want to hear during the election and will do the complete opposite after the election, Dam! I thought only the Republicans did that, I guess when one is about self, Democrats and Independents could do the same thing. Oh well, my guess is that the educated voters in DC will remember.

  • Corky

    Just veto this job killing nonsense. Everyone telling the mayor to sign this ridiculous bill already has a job. Could you wise asses please tell the unemployed how they are better off making nothing?

  • Steve

    There are major differences in the $2.00 wage in 1963 and the $12.50 or $15.27 of today. Number one being taxes and required fees.. Both Taxes to the employee and the employer. What was the social security rate on employer and employee? How about SSI withheld. How about Worker's Compensation insurance. How have the RATES change? And the Workers Comp and Unemployment insurance to the employer are based in large part on the employees wage rate. When a minimum wage is raised, the cost to have that employee increases significantly more that the obvious $4.50.

  • Tom

    Mendelson is full of crap, this bill doesn't event increase the minimum wage. All it does it make a handful of big box stores pay this "big box wage". The vast majority of this cities workers won't see a penny more. We need to clean house and kick the bums out!

  • Asuka

    Sign it if for no other reason than to give the jobless activists a much needed lesson in economics. People need to start living with the consequences of their choices.

  • drez

    Just don't shop there.