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Listen to the AFL-CIO’s Robocall on the Living Wage Bill

D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson says he'll finally send the Large Retailer Accountability Act—otherwise known as the Walmart bill—to Mayor Vince Gray for a signature or veto on Friday. If Mendelson does send it Friday, it'll be transmitted 51 days after the D.C. Council passed it.

Meanwhile, Walmart isn't the only side of the debate that's taking to the phones. The AFL-CIO is running an automated voice message from Living Faith Baptist Church pastor Edwin L. Jones that urges listeners to tell Gray to sign the bill.

"Walmart has threatened to cancel plans for two stores in Ward 7 if the bill passed," Jones says in the call, available below. "But D.C. will not be bullied into poverty jobs."

The full call:

This is Reverend Edwin L. Jones, senior of Living Faith Baptist Church in Ward 7 calling on behalf of the AFL-CIO. The large retailer accountability act which will require large retailers to pay a living wage is going to be transmitted to the mayor's office any day now. Walmart has threatened to cancel plans for two stores in Ward 7 if the bill passed. But D.C. will not be bullied into poverty jobs. We must stand together for economic justice and resist corporate pulling. At the end of this call press one to be connected to Mayor Gray's office and tell him to sign the Large Retailer Accountability Act.


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Audio courtesy AFL-CIO

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Cat on K Street

    Gray is certainly vetoing the bill. I think Mendelson waited to back Gray into a corner but...with other retailers singing the same tune. Hmmf Possibly Wegmans.

    And a silent majority of residents pushing for the deal ...not the political charged ones but the residents ...there is support for the veto.

  • RealDCShadyBoots

    This bill is veto bound. No way Vincent Gray is going to sacrifice the flagship project of his Administration in his own ward.

  • Ward-8

    Of course this spineless soon to be indicted Mayor will veto this bill and he of all except for the four looking for campaign contribution Councilman's who voted against it are not paying attention to the demographic changes in the District, so what if Walmart keep their cheap drive locals out of business leave, the District will attract other business. We don't hear about the CEO of Walmart or the owners taking a reduction in their outrageous incomes to benefit their employees which allows a Walmart CEO to indulge in a 16 Million Dollar car racing hobby, one could just imagine how many low income employees could benefit from just a fraction of that income. Yes, just like Crabs in a barrel Gray and those four knuckle head Councilman are the type of folks who care less about the down trodden and more about their own Financial well being under the guise of we are looking out for the benefit of the City, Just remember come election time, they should make sure Walmart have a copy of their resume'.

  • Okeydokey

    Hey Ward 8,

    You want to be paid more? Great, perhaps you shouldn't have dropped out of 11th grade, and had 3 kids and a felony conviction on your record by the time you were 21.

    These are basic labor job, thats it. McDonalds pays less, and if you can't get a job at McD's, what makes you think you are entitiled to higher than market rate.

    It is a competitive world. There are college graduates who don't make this so called "living wage", so what makes you think the generational illiterates and felons of Ward 8 should?

  • George

    Ha love the picture!

  • George

    Okeydokey, does saying racist things really make you happy, or is it just something you can't control?

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  • noodlez