Loose Lips

Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray is still waiting on the Walmart bill. [Times]

D.C. police hesitate on House of Cards shoot, send it to Baltimore instead. [WBJ]

Marion Barry asks reporter to buy him a drink, talks Gray and Robert Bobb. [Washingtonian]

$48 million District settlement with Chartered gets judge's approval. [WBJ]

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander says the fire chief is doing a good job. [Washingtonian]

What's going on with Howard's finances? [Housing Complex]

School beautification day is set for Saturday. [Post]

  • drez

    The Name Game links all return 404 errors.

  • Aaron

    One reason I like the bicycle lanes is that it's putting long-term infrastructure in place, and it can support future growth. On the other hand, the Walmart-ization, the condo-ization, and the charterization of the District create instability and transience (charters and condos), and/or blight (Walmart).

    I hope Gray vetoes it. He won't. So I wish Mendelson all success looking for the nine votes.

  • Norma Desmond

    Ah. Crystal Palmer and Lanier, what a team! Vince Gray marching us resolutely backwards. You better believe Baltimore jumped to it...'Cards had 100M budget probably 60M of which was dropped in the Balmo' economy..jobs etc....It all could have been ours but Palmer (aka Mrs. Harold Brazil..remember him..no worry, Vinnie will probably bring him back too if Crystal lets his horned dog self out of the garage} ...Palmer screwed the whole original HOC deal up to B'mos every lasting gratitude. This is probably her way of exacting payback...that is how she rolls when she is not swanning about collectnig swag bags. 5 shows set in DC nominate for 18 Emmys, not a single one shot here, not a single dollar, not a single job, but Palmer has been collecting a salary for 23 years...to do nothing. The woman should be utterly ashamed of herself. Her lack of work ethic and affect is criminal.

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