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Parking Sign Ambulance Repairs Were Made by Department of Public Works

At last, the mystery of who thought it was a good idea to repair ambulances with "No Parking" signs has been solved. The unorthodox repair methods were done by mechanics at the Department of Public Works, according to Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander.

"I think they were trying to be creative," Quander said.

The irony, of course, is that the ambulances were originally sent to the Department of Public Works and DC Water during the July heat wave because the fire department's own maintenance crews couldn't repair enough of them properly. DPW didn't respond to a request for comment.

Quander, meanwhile, is getting sick of dealing with the fire department. At today's mayoral press conference, Quander says responding to what he characterized as minor issues with the department was "a drain on resources."

The idea that Quander spends all his time dealing with the fire department wasn't helped when NBC 4's Tom Sherwood called him "Chief Quander" in a question to Mayor Vince Gray.

"Not funny, OK?" Gray said.

Photo courtesy IAFF36

  • Drez

    Are there any particular certifications that one must have in order to work on fire and EMS apparatus? If so, do DPW employees have them?

  • name

    Let me guess, you graduate from WMATA elevator repair man to DPW/FEMS auto technician.

    RE: DREZ: Almost every vehicle manufacturer has a certificate for repair training on their vehicles. They're easy to verify, but I'm sure it's never been a requirement for hiring, so everyone is grandfathered in via collective bargaining.

  • Drez

    Grandfathering via collective bargaining agreement is all well and good so far as their employment goes, however it would not have any bearing on whether the city (Quander?) is tasking qualified staff to do the work at hand.
    I see liability for DC here.

  • Drez

    One Fucking Sick Joke of a City.
    People have already died over this stupid misprioritized managerial approach to FEMS.

  • JustSayin’

    They needed a piece of metal for a heat shield and they installed a piece of metal for a heat shield. Has anybody really verified that the improvised repair was in fact defective or dangerous?

  • Drez

    I'm thinking properly maintained emergency vehicles have a low rate of spontaneous combustion.

  • seDCdude

    Drez STFU

    Fake azz hillbilly! You're "busting" at the seams NOT to name drop and directly blame the chief!

    Furthermore, your remedial, petty, hypocritical azz is talkN apples n oranges; lackthere of professionalism on the job is 1 things...response times, decorum, skills and knowledge of job while shoddy repairs n malfunctioning apparatus another.....


  • Corky

    And guess what? Not a single truck fitted with the parking signs caught on fire (or, were not sabotaged)!! So why are people criticizing DPW's technicians for doing what they could with what they had?

  • DCShadyBoots

    To kill a snake you have to cut off the head. Fire the Union president.

  • Progress

    Which union? The one covering the DC Publics Works shop? What did they do? The one covering the fire department shop? What for? The one covering the Paramedics? The one covering the firefighters?

    Fortunately, so long as Ellerbe doesn't strong arm the trial boards, DC firefighters have protections against arbitrary and capricious retaliation from the likes of you.

    As far as I can tell, the public pronouncements by the department have been lies or half-truths. The union has been hyperbolic, but truthful.

  • seDCdude

    Retaliatory? Would that be TRANSFERS, DEMOTIONS, policy change deemed necessary by leadership?

    Sissy sh!t!

  • seDCdude

    Such harsh and rather descriptive verbage for such a simple, standard and quite legal occurence in the professional, ADULT world!

    Retaliation, wow, LOL

  • DCShadyBoots

    I meant fire the Fire Chief - before he gets someone killed. Take that sorry excuse for a Deputy Mayor with him. The feds have got the mayor cornered already...

  • seDCdude

    <---ignorant, racist, POS.

  • lrbsucks

    SeDcdude, get off of LRB's balls, he is a POS and your no better. I hope you choke on his junk next time you go down on him.


    seDCdude....if you were given a choice of being a f'up or the way you are now...which would you choose....and please don't scare me with your, "ill be at 25 Engine tonite @ 2000" sissy shit either...now go back down as lrbsucks ordered you to...come up for air when you can and please...please wipe your mouth and chin off when your done.....

  • RealDCShadyBoots

    Somebody likes my name. So flattered. What a looser. Must be a union manager. Typical ignorant moron that needs to be fired.

  • mizwillis

    LL: Thank you so much for providing the forum allowing some of the challenged and 'special' firefighters at DCFEMS to rear their ugly heads. One in particular has an oral fixation regarding other peoples' personal lives and is a bit too familiar with the vernacular.

    Guess we'll have to lobby again. This time for making psychological testing as important as mandatory drug screening for those who are first responders in DC.

  • lrbsucks

    <-------------angry, psychotic, retarded, INSECURE, closeted homo, harbors BLACK envy, prejudiced, bigoted, DUMB, STUPID, b!tchfied, wayward

  • mizwillis

    LL: We love your blog. it is relevant in many ways, but totally nonsensical in others.

    Personally, I learned a long time ago that attempting to reason with fools is unreasonable.

    What is the world coming to? Homophobic laden racist diatribes from the time honored firefighter????? Absolutely disgraceful and totally unacceptable!!!!!

    Continue your informative reporting, but I'm sure you won't miss the 9 of us who collectively post under the handle 'mizwillis'. It would be easy to ignore the filth; but we want to make a small statement by protesting and withdrawing. Nothing personal against you, some of those with whom we disagree, MM, or CP.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Those who sabotage fire and ems equipment should be imprisoned. Point. Blank. Period.

  • southeast lady

    two ambulances catch fire in the same? PLEASE

  • southeast lady


  • southeast lady

    QUESTION: if you know how to repair a motor scooter, atv, motorcycle, does that mean you know how to repair a ems, or fire truck?

  • southeast lady

    hookman: please!

  • southeast lady

    where is the dc city council with all of this mess. I have had to call the paramedics at least three times in the last five years. I would rather call a friend or drive myself to ER rather than put up with this mess that is going on now.

    DC city council get on top of your taxpayer salaried job before you get voted out. These kinds of jobs should not be a job for life. You need to perform and not show up on TV with BS explanations.

  • southeast lady

    By the way Mayor Gray should not run again, he has too much baggage, too much incompetence. He should not interfere with the mayor electing process this time around and bow out gracefully.


    yeah you geniuses are right....when DPW does mechanical work to DCFEMS ambulances and sticks RUBBER MUD FLAPS as a replacement for a heat shield...yeah your right...show your love for King Kenny by showing your ignorance on here....because an engine at 180+ degrees would not be hot enough to burn a rubber mud flap right...

    oh and where's my seDCd-bag at....or should I call you by your real name...ayy...i know who you are zero or don't I...


    oh and since the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety was quoted in this article as saying, " I THINK THEY WERE TRYING TO BE CREATIVE"....hmmm

    I can't site the DCFEMS section of our ORDER BOOK verbatim, so hopefully the anonymous cowards on here don't viscious attack me with their CAPS ON...

    anyways...as far as alterations to equipment and apparatus are concerned...members of the department are not allowed to fix equipment, whether its a saw or an ambulance...no ifs ands or buts about it...

    What do you think would happen if I or even seDCdude were to put a RUBBER mud flap inside of an engine compartment on our own without following the proper procedures...

    better yet...you bring your own vehicle into the dealer or mechanic and he tells you we need to replace your heat shield...you then pay for the service and a few days later you pop the hood to add some windshield washer fluid and you see this piece of rubber in your engine...REMEMBER...the keyword hear is SAFETY..no matter if its your vehicle or a DCFEMS ambulance...are you going to attack someone else because you dislike a certain someone and this is the perfect excuse to justify your hate and dislike....or you going to put blame where blame is due...ON THE PERSON OR PERSONS THAT DID THE REPAIRS....

    But since we now know the root of the problem here and who's been doing the repairs on DCFEMS ambulances (DCDPW)...we're still going to blame Local 36 who probably was the one to find out who did the shoddy repair work, but you cowards are so far up Ellerbe's colon that you can't even see the obvious....

    I guess when your the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety..Safety really isn't that much of a concern...at least it wasn't as far as putting rubber mud flaps in an engine that reaches high temperatures...naw..rubber don't burn...right...lol

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