Loose Lips

Morning Links

Less than half of D.C. public school students in closed schools re-enrolled. [WAMU]

Chartered, Jeff Thompson's former company, settles a potentially $30 million bill for $8.4 million. [WBJ]

Beer lot plan backed by the mayor's son earns harsh words from police chief Cathy Lanier. [Post]

Public school teacher salaries lead charter school equivalent. [Post]

Ribbon cut on new Dunbar High School. [Housing Complex]

Cab commission, Uber spar over Prii. [NBC 4]

"The creeper" spooks 15th Street. [WTOP]

Metro passenger spits on bus driver, gets away. [Post]

  • drez

    Is Thompson able to re-aquire any assets from Chartered in the future?

  • drez

    Regardless of any potential merits to the proposed entertainment complex, how can it be legal for the Mayor's son to serve as a lobbiest for the proposal to the same agencies his father has ultimate administrative authority over?

  • SEis4ME

    A better question is how can you be the only idiot to question whether a mayor's child can do business with the city. It's especially hilarious since I don't recall you questioning how a mayor's godfather could be the legal authority for the city he runs.

    You have an unhealthy orgasmic fascination with Gray. No, Limbaugh has absolutely NOTHING on u.

  • drez

    So the Mayor's son can make money lobbying the employees and Mayoral appointees government his father leads, and you claim to see no conflict of interest or ethical entanglement in that.
    Well okay then.

  • SEis4ME

    I would assume the relationship is seen in the same vein as y Fenty was able to hire his long time family friend. Now granted, the double standard wouldn't allow Gray to hire essentially anyone he knows. Buts that's another story.

    If there is an ethical issue here I am 100% certain we'll hear about. So what either of us may THINK is inconsequential to the actual rules.

  • drez

    So it's okay for Mayor Gray's own son to make money by lobbying his father's at-will employees and staff?