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Fire Union Finds Evidence of More Weird Ambulance Maintenace


On Wednesday, D.C.'s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department admitted that four of its ambulances had been repaired in July with "no parking" signs instead of heat shields. In a press release, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander described the technique, charitably, as "unorthodox." But traffic signs might not be the only makeshift heat shields in the department's fleet.

Fire union boss Ed Smith tells LL that his members have found more evidence of unusual repair work. In the picture above, a trucker's mud flap is used where a heat shield should go.

A spokesman for Quander tells LL that he doesn't know about mud flaps being used in repairs. The Department of Public Works, which repaired some of the fire department's ambulances in July, didn't respond to immediate requests for comment. The Department of Public Works referred an earlier request for comment to D.C. Fire and EMS.

Update, 3:15 p.m: DC Water spokesman John Lisle tells LL that the authority, which like DPW received some fire department ambulances for repairs in July,  doesn't use non-standard parts. Of the 12 ambulances DC Water has finished repairing so far since receiving them in July, none have been returned for more repairs, according to Lisle.

Photo courtesy IAFF 36

  • mizwillis

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    As for me putting out fires, I don't have to do that anymore. Literally, that is. My son did it quite well before he went back to school partially on the DC dime (just like Chief Cathy Lanier did). He then moved on to another honorable profession because of the racist attitude of those in charge of the DC Fire Department during his tenure there. You know, shards of glass in the boots, and all!

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  • Will Sommer

    Hey all,

    Just an heads up that the commenter who's saying WCP gave him other commenter's information "to subpoena" is mistaken. We were asked to provide commenter information (which as far as I know would just be an IP address) but didn't comply.

  • Drez

    Now that would make an interesting blog post.

  • mizwillis

    THANKS LL!!!!

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  • justsayin

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  • New Face

    Mizwillis, I don't mind talking about slaves. I don't see what they have to do with the strains of English culture that defined the Protestant work ethic, though. Quakers were abolitionists, and New England Protestants generally depended on white "help". In any case, what does that have to with the topic(s) at hand?

    1) DC ambulances are burning because Ellerbe / Quander / Gray failed to manage the fleet, and instead relied on repairs from apparently unqualified mechanics.

    2) Ellerbe / Quander /Gray are in position because Fenty wasn't black enough & Gray ran a shadow campaign.

    3) Gray is, hopefully, the last of the 'chocolate city' politicians, for whom hiring local black (deputy mayors, fire chiefs, mechanics, paramedics, firefighters) is more important than hiring the best (deputy mayors, fire chiefs, mechanics, paramedics, firefighters).

    4) Demographic changes in the city, spurred by changing property values due to federal spending in this region, federal building in Ward 8, and a sour economy in the rest of the country are going to change the electorate, such that racist panderers like Barry and Gray will not be able to be elected.

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  • mizwillis

    New Face, you need a new face.
    And while you're at it, find a new hometown more to your liking. We don't need your pathetic and misguided logic(?).
    I'm also still curious about why you left your own hometown to move to DC.

  • Will Sommer

    Hey all,

    I like a lively comment section, but when one commenter's threatening to shoot another, that's too far. I've deleted the relevant comments.



    Really Will....where do come up with my comment as threatening someone....i think you should educate yourself onbwhat a threat is....you take my commemt down, but leave "mizwillis" comment up that she hopes someone put the fear of god in me without MPD finding out and you leave this idiots comment up?????

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    So Will...don't pick and choose like you did here and take a comment out of context because someone like mizwillis can spew crap out her piehole but when met with some resistance and you come running to her aid.....this is twice now you've held her hand with comments that don't appease her....ive used this screen name for over 10 years and the last thing Im going to do is threaten ANYONE on here....wake up...

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  • TWITTERfoolz

    @ my firehouse @ 4300 Wisconsin Ave...LLS, LOL, LMBAO!!!

    In due time, due process will be dealt to those whom talk sh!t behind the keyboard, hence certain sycophants have been duly noted!

    Can't wait!

  • seDCdude

    And so do I...now you keep posting!

  • DCFD

    Engine 20 & Truck 12 Battalion Fire Chief 5
    4300 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC Fire Department Battalion Fire Chief 5


    Im here till 0700...then usually hang out for a cup of coffee....so about 0730 i roll out....so if you want a tour of the firehouse be here between 0700-0730...


    Twitterfoolz...you forgot the phome number...202-673-3220...its always nice to have a heads up when I get visitors who want to see where I work and meet me personally....

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