Loose Lips

Morning Links

Police department investigates ambulance fires. [WAMU]

Post ed board: Mayor Vince Gray "doesn't have the spine" to tell residents about his 2010 campaign. [Post]

Former attorney general Peter Nickles says Gray stole the election. [WJLA]

Teacher's union collegial with DCPS ahead of contract negotiations. [Post]

The Office of Tax and Revenue is underassessing property values. [Housing Complex]

Cabbies still holding off on credit card machines. [WAMU]

1,000 dead fish discovered in a pond on the Mall. [NBC 4]

ABC Board drops maximum corkage fee rule for wine. [Young & Hungry]

New app offers help for sexual assault victims. [Post]

How Chuck Brown's memorial lost its amphitheater [Arts Desk]

  • drez

    Anyone who hasn't listened to the Nichols interview really should.

  • drez


  • DCShadyBoots

    Gizmo the Gremlin needs to go somewhere and sit the hell down.

  • Asuka

    The writing's on the wall for Gray: You're going to jail.

  • mizwillis

    I have been giving Mr. Nickles too much credit.
    Turns out his Godson has more sense than he does.

    Attorney Bennett is the consummate professional. He and his client, the mayor, have a lot of class. So unlike those shallow individuals who constantly attempt to denigrate our city as often as possible.

    Godfather Peter Nickles needs to follow the lead of his Godson this time. He needs to just stay over there in Great Falls or wherever, sit down or chase his grand kids around the garden like Dracula and shut up. You know, Gangster: Omerta!!!!!

    All of the supposedly legal but obviously crooked deals that gang of thieves pulled off right under our noses is unbelievable. To have the unmitigated gall to discuss the current administration and ALLEGED wrongdoing is very foolish and done at the peril of all involved in Fenty's foibles.

    Now I could stand to be corrected, but all of that plea bargaining was done by people who are not a part of Mayor Gray's administration.

    With overseers like Godfather Nickels it is no wonder Sinclair Skinner can't keep his mouth shut about what the DC Tax Payers provided for him. What you managed to pilfer Mr. Skinner, is not a darn drop in the bucket, compared to what the really big dogs got. And you can take that statement to the bank unless you've spent all of your take on fast cars and faster.....well you know what I'm saying.

  • noodlez