Loose Lips

Morning Links

Alleged shadow campaign worker Vernon Hawkins charged with lying to investigators. [LLPost, WJLATimes, WAMU]

Mary Cheh wants candidates who received shadow campaign help to say so. [WTOP]

Hawkins and Miguel Tejada have the same lawyer. [Legal Times]

Tony Cheng, master fundraiser [Post]

Over the weekend, two-thirds of D.C. advanced support ambulances weren't operational. [Post]

Post ed board criticizes D.C. Jail's video-only visitation rules. [Post]

"Ex-gay" singer will still receive $10,000 from the District, despite being told not to perform. [Post]

Martin Luther King Jr. memorial quote removal held up on sandblasting dispute. [NBC 4]

Metro bus hits pedestrian. [NBC 4]

Huge rowhouse inspires awe, haters. [Post]

  • Asuka

    The irony of Cheh calling on Gray to resign, as if that will make Ward 3 forget this kook's behavior. Her motives are obvious.

    The Council needs to pass legislation that states that if a campaign is assisted or otherwise the beneficiary of illegal campaign activities, the election is invalid. Will they pass that law? Of course not, because, like in every other instance of Council impropriety, they protect their own. There should be a special committee created to write Council ethics and campaign laws, and it should be appointed by the House DC subcommittee.

  • drez

    @ Asuka
    Cheh is a fool for having supported Gray in the first place. But when I read her quotes on the WTOP site it sort-of kind-of reads like she is inching toward maybe saying Gray's election, and the elections of others who were supported by off-the-books Thompson cash were invalid.
    I do believe that was the intent of her remarks. She just for whatever reason couldn't bring herself to say so clearly and succinctly.

  • Asuka


    She thinks these silly displays will make her constituents forget what she did in the last election. Her legislative record is pathetic, but what's worth, she's shown a disturbing lack of judgment. She's vulnerable, and if a real challenger shows up, she's done.