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Christian Carter Finally Files His Campaign Report

LL has been bugging longshot mayoral candidate Christian Carter about filing his July 31 campaign finance disclosure. It's only fair to note, then, that Carter turned the form into the Office of Campaign Finance yesterday.

Carter didn't exactly rush his numbers out the door, and it's easy to see why. Compared to the other candidates, Carter is lagging way behind in both money raised and cash on hand, even though his form claims that his campaign hasn't spent any of that money. Carter's campaign took in $3,601.87, which puts him more than $70,000 in funds raised behind the next mayoral candidate, Reta Lewis.

All of that money came from Carter himself, his business, or Yakita Wilkinson, who's listed as an author for the campaign's website. Carter didn't respond to LL's request for comment.

The donations from Carter's city contracting business, New Columbia Enterprises, is especially interesting since he's been accused of stiffing some of his company's subcontractors. At Carter's kick-off event in July, Susie Cambria, one of the disgruntled subcontractors, wondered out loud about how Carter paid for balloons and a deli spread. "This money to pay for this shit needed to come from somewhere," Cambria said.

Photo courtesy Christian Carter

  • DC Guy

    Is he the one with campaign signs on SD Ave, NE?

  • Bethesdaist

    @DC Guy - yep, although they are hard to read if you are driving by.

  • NW, SW,NE, SE Girl

    Yes, His signs are all over the city. I say keep them coming.

    Actually, "DC guy" they are not hard to read; compared to Bowser's yellow and green highlighted neon signs. I will say in about a month no one will complain about not being able to see or hear anything about this Guy. Cause the city will be covered with his signs.

    He is definitely making his name known in a positive manner in all the communities.


  • DC Proud

    This individual running for mayor is simply a joke. Period.

  • MeMyself&I

    I see everyone has a lot to say about Christian Carter. I have seen him all over town in the community and I like him. I have checked out his website, his background and his works in the community and he is the real deal. It seems as if all the false comments that have been posted on him over the weeks are not going to be enough to stop him from winning. Mr. Carter, you have my and my families vote, DC is ready for you my friend. They are only talking about you because they are afraid of what you stand for and they know you are the next mayor.

  • Lord Disick

    Why bother report on this non-entity, Will?

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  • SEis4ME

    I definitely have seen more than a few signs.

    But I also know that he will garner fewer votes than Reta Lewis..which isn't saying a whole bunch.

  • Gray is Awkward

    Will - Come on man...just come on. This guys campaign should read -27,000 bc that's what he owes the disgruntled employee.

    Also heard his "goons", well goon bc he can only afford 1, has been ripping down or attempting to re use tommy, bowser and jack signs"

  • sticktoyourguns

    out of all who have announced Jack Evans should win