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Marion Barry Wants to Officiate a Gay Wedding

This has to be some sort of milestone for the gay rights movement. Marion Barry, who cast one of the two D.C. Council votes against gay marriage in 2009, now tells LL he's looking to officiate a gay wedding.

Barry and the 12 other members of the Council received the power to officiate weddings yesterday when Mayor Vince Gray signed the Marriage Officiant Amendment Act. The original version of the bill, introduced by Tommy Wells, allowed the mayor to marry people while also making it possible for anyone else to apply to officiate a single wedding.

Filing paperwork every time he needed to marry someone didn't work for Barry, though. He successfully lobbied for councilmembers to receive the same permanent officiating powers.

"I'm in the process of finding a gay couple," Barry tells LL. So if you're gay and looking to get hitched, get in touch with the mayor-for-life.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo111P32te0 Bob Summersgill

    A civil officiant registration would be $35, with no limit on the time or number of couplies married. Barry just doesn't think he should have to pay $35. He wanted another perk.

    On gay marriage, has Barry apologized yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo111P32te0

  • Barry Morase

    Do he want to officiate at his own wedding?

  • Stephen Clark

    To hell with him. He cast his 'no' vote and can choke on it.

  • dc only

    As a ward 8 resident he has a lot of other important things to do than officiate at some wedding. Bring development and better housing. Instead of dealing with all that ohter fuc..ry

  • dccommish

    Well I'm dying to see who asks him!!!

  • nivin

    The point was should the Mayor have the authority and not the Council. There is no reason to specifically include the Mayor than there is to include councilmembers. He would have been fine if the Mayor had been removed, but the Mayor wanted it too. So now they all have it. Lets worry about something else.

  • mizwillis

    I love Marion Barry and never did judge him for the character flaws. But this smacks of hypocrisy and I can't help but wonder why.

  • billy wingartenson

    Barry is the utter hypocrite - not because he "changed his mind" but because he has been a wife beater etc. I'm going back about 5 years on this one. I think he was also a wife cheater

    Some people you dont want their support.

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  • What?

    Billy WTF you talking bout? Barry may have done a lot of things but being a wife beater aint one of them. GTFOOH!!!

  • Steve LOWE

    The here-to-fore near monopoly of religion over marriage ceremonies in the District has been broken. A member of a non-religious or secular organization can, just like a religious minister, be authorized to perform marriages in the District, not just on a temporary basis but permanently.

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