Loose Lips

Eleanor Holmes Norton, Media Critic

There have been a lot of anguished open letters to new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, but Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has a much simpler message for the Amazon CEO: Don't mess it up, nerd.

In a statement on the sale, Norton runs down a list of things she's sure Bezos already knows about running the Post. She's so certain Bezos already knows, in fact, that she has to remind him:

He surely already understands that it is newspapers that make the First Amendment part of daily life in America, particularly in their role as watchdog for the people of the government. He almost surely appreciates that the Post’s deep stories, investigative journalism and coverage of foreign affairs distinguish it from the new emerging media. You can’t tweet what newspapers do, and if newspapers don’t do it, it won’t be done.

Norton doesn't go in for nostalgia about the exiting Graham family, either. Washington Post Co. CEO Don Graham comes in for some special attention. "He can count on D.C. to not only be thankful, but watchful," Norton warns.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Typical DC BS

    She's worth as much as half a bucket of warm spit.

  • http://www.dclibertarians.blogspot.com Bruce Majors

    NSA violates DC residents rights and Eleanor Holmes Norton says nothing!

    Maybe she's afraid the Post will start reporting on her and her lack of action?

    Yes, the NSA Violated Surveillance Privacy Rules – at Least 2,776 Times

    Innocent DC residents spied on by NSA "mistake" about 202 area code; Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton does nothing.

    Eleanor Holmes Norton defended the GSA during its scandals, since her campaign PAC is funded by government contractors and unions, as well as developers. So don't expect her to stand up for the DC/202 area code residents "mistakenly" spied on.