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Poll commissioned by Tommy Wells shows candidates and undeclared Mayor Vince Gray within a few points of each other. [Post] 

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos  to buy the Washington Post for $250 million. [Post, City DeskPolitico]

Newspaper analyst: Graham family selling Post is "unexpected." [WBJ]

Nice one, Express. [Twitter]

Jack Evans is sad to see another local institution pass out of local hands. [WBJ]

Housing Authority has big plans for its obsolete headquarters. [Housing Complex]

District's pedestrian fatality rate higher than average. [WAMU]

Police investigating 4-year-old boy's death. [WTOP]

WaPo ed board wants Gray to assure companies with a living wage veto. [Post]

  • drez

    The real news of the poll is that ...31 percent of voters rate [Gray's] job performance as excellent or good, vs. 67 percent fair or poor....

  • Asuka

    Meaningless poll with an insufficient sample. I obviously don't support Gray and fully expect him to take the plea deal, but I believe he is the clear frontrunner at this point. If he runs (he won't), he will destroy the rest of the field with a narrative that has played so well with this city in the past: "Look what the Man and his Plan tried to do, but I beat him! Lets stick it to Wards 2 and 3!"

    One City.

  • drez

    The stated MOE was +/- 4%

  • RealDC

    LOL. Mayor Uno City will beat these bums with or without an indictment. Gray is leading in a poll when he has not even announced a re-election bid. Case closed. Bowser, Evans and Wells are wasting their time and folks money...... Bowser has no message or accomplishments...... Evans is nothing outside of ward 2.....Wells is zero outside of ward 6......Gray runs, Gray wins!!

  • drez

    Gray is toast. He is a known quantity. People who will vote for him have already made up their minds. He is stuck at 20%.

  • Blevins

    Drez - Gray might not be toast if he can turn out the Ward 9 vote in force amidst low "actual" turn out.

    Seems to me that One City's legacy, apart from the confirmed criminal underbelly and subsequent convictions, will be an election made up of highly popular ward personalities. Wells dominates w6 - can he crossover? Same can be said for Evans. Bowser is a known quantity in her ward as well - it's going to be interesting.

  • mizwillis

    Interesting picture of Wells and his 'supporters'. About 1% of those polled counting the grasping black hand and the umbrella holder. Heck, I'll even give him the Black passerby in the background. The only White person in the picture is the man in the hoodie holding the mike. What's the matter Tommy, your Ward 6 followers afraid to congregate with those folks in the picture?

    If #6 is correct, where are those vast numbers of gentrifiers in that picture? Fenty couldn't win his own Ward in the straw poll there. Everybody knows Bowser is a Fenty clone. Very few of my many acquaintances in
    Ward 4 like or even respect her.

    I like Jack-the-knife and he can count of my vote if the Mayor decides not to declare his candidacy for WHATEVER reason because I have a feeling it would be Evans that he would endorse if he doesn't run.

    There is no way I would vote for Tommy Wells. Not even for dog catcher. What does that picture tell you about that hypocrite? Does he think Black's will vote for him because he has a black hand clutching at him? As in Ward 4
    my many friends in Ward 6 would not vote their council person either, and many of them are White.

  • noodlez



  • justsayin

    Sick and tired of the entire city clowncil.

  • SEis4ME

    You simply hafta love this lil gem. The official poll shows Gray leading his closest competitor (Bowser) by 4 points, Wells by 5 (not a few as Will..for obvious reasons...claims here) Evans by 8.

    But wait, here's the gem, the poll w.in the poll (go figure)then bumps Wells to being equal w.Gray..who hasnt yet announced his reelection. Not to be outdone, the Wells friendly poll Then suggested that 67 percent of residents are dissatisfied with Gray's job performance..which is laughable. I wonder did they do another poll w.in a poll on that latter point?...likely not and reason is that they would have to square Gray's dismal (as described by Wells) numbers against those numbers showing the satisfaction DC residents have with how the city is being currently managed.

    All that said, it is an act of heresy to publish a poll unfavorable to the person who commissioned it.

    To further my point, according to recent poll, Chris Christie will be the next POTUS since he has a greater favorability rating than Clinton.

    And the beat goes on!!!

  • Blevins

    @SEis4ME: What does Will claim, for reasons obvious to you alone? Is five points not a "few"?

    What is laughable is your continued insistence on seeing a poll regarding Vince in prior threads, only to abruptly pivot when confronted with one, stating that the poll "suggests", as if there is not empirical data behind it...

    Better luck next time, champ.

  • SEis4ME

    Blevins,I'll concede that maybe Will employed the most charitable meaning of a "few"in an instance where I would use "several." Because he works for the CP, its only reasonable that he would push Wells' point. But ok...

    And u might want to recalibrate ur talking points since the previous thread u reference was me asking to see a poll confirming that most DC residents think Gray is a crook. That, my friend, was the assumption made here absent any evidence. This recent poll also fails to confirm that assumption.

    So I'm sorry but what is your point again?

    Maybe it's time for you to stay in your lane since reading comprehension doesn't seem to be your strong suit...

  • Ides of March

    You guys are politicos. And in my experience you are too close to see what the average voter feels. My garbage is picked up on time, the city seems to be well run---why should I throw this guy out?

    And replace him with what? The people on this board--you are close friends with one or two councilmembers so you have discern a difference between them.

    The average voter doesn't see Gray as corrupt, they see Gray as part of a corrupt political system, and the councilmembers running against him are part of that very same system.

    If pressed, and no new bright VERY competent face who is not part of the current system doesn't come forward Gray will win hands down...no challenge. They are not trading the devil they know for one they don't.

  • drez

    @ Ides of March-
    31% of people think Gray is doing a good or excellent job, yet those who say they will vote for him is maxed at 20%. That "performance gap" you discuss- that the city can still deliver services so why should they kick the guy out- is reflected in this poll and will not get Gray re-elected. Most voters are smart enough to separate corrupt elected officials from a functioning city workforce. And they rightly view the need to choose between these two things as a false choice. We are DC. We deserve both honest officials and good city services.
    Only a year ago 54% of DC voters said Gray should resign. This poll suggest that the numbers have only gotten worse for him in the interim.