Loose Lips

Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray won't talk about alleged meeting with Jeff Thompson. [WAMU]

District tech boss: D.C. government websites won't always be terrible. [Post]

Eleanor Holmes Norton wants to reopen South Capitol helipad to the public. [WBJ]

Teacher's union president undecided on extending school days. [WAMU]

Park Police have accounted for 98 percent of the guns they lost, including some in D.C. [Post]

Suspect arrested in Bloomingdale and Trinidad burglaries. [Post]

National Cathedral vandalism suspect sent to a halfway house. [Times]


  • Asuka

    "The existing contract between D.C. and the Washington Teachers’ Union limits the work day to seven-and-a-half hours, less than what many education advocates say is ideal for troubled urban districts."

    Its issues like these that expose the Teacher's Union for what it is. They aren't interested in the best outcome for students, only the easiest work day for the highest pay for their members. They work part-time hours for full-time pay and fight every effort to make them earn their salary or prove their competency. In DC especially, public teaching is little more than a makes work program.