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Muriel Bowser Takes the Lead in Mayoral Fundraising


 The July 31 mayoral campaign disclosures went live last night, and it's looking like Councilmember Muriel Bowser's early start has translated into a more than $100,000 advantage in cash on hand.

Muriel Bowser

Raised: $465,272.30. Spent: $40,317.05. Cash on hand:  $424,955.25

Bowser's filing comes with a raft of bold-faced names, including developer Doug Jemal ($2,000) and Wizards co-owner Raul Fernandez ($2,000). Bowser mentor Adrian Fenty's two brothers gave Bowser a combined $151, and self-proclaimed Fenty biographer Sinclair Skinner ($250) made a contribution as well. Councilmember-turned-lobbyist John Ray appears on the disclosure ($500), and along Ray client and Northeast produce store owner Sang Oh Choi ($1,000), who has problems with both rats and subpoenas.

Jack Evans

Raised: $377,028.76. Spent: $72,587.92. Cash on hand: $304,440.84

Surprise: businessmen like Jack Evans. Among other donations, Evans received big contributions from Jemal ($2,000), Fort Myer Construction ($2,000), William Regardie ($2,000) and Wizards and Capitals owner Ted Leonsis ($2,000). Evans also received money from John Akridge ($1,000), the potential future owner of the Reeves Center, and Ray ($500).

At the Palisades Parade, Evans campaign manager Josh Brown assured LL out of nowhere that the campaign's impressive candy haul was bought at the D.C. Costco. LL understands the unprompted explanation better now, because Evans' campaign expenditures record $410.83 in purchases at the Costco in Arlington. Keep that sales tax money in the District, Jack!

Evans' faced a much larger expense in his U Street campaign office, which came to a combined $18,827 in rent and utilities.

Tommy Wells

Raised: $268,107.99. Spent: $126,119.06 Cash on hand: $141,988.93.

Wells raised $268,107.99 between his exploratory committee and campaign, an impressive figure considering his self-imposed ban on corporate and PAC donations.

"That's a quarter of a million dollars," Wells enthuses to LL. "People have run citywide campaigns for other offices in D.C. for far less than that."

Wells isn't going cheap on his research, though. His campaign spent $13,750 on oppo research firm Nesbitt Research and $14,575 on pollster Celinda Lake.

Reta Lewis

Raised: $75,283.06. Spent: $12,544.19 . Cash on hand: $62,738.87 .

Relative no-name Clintonite Reta Lewis still managed to bring in more than $75,000, with about a tenth of it coming from her native Georgia.

Christian Carter

Raised: ???. Spent: ???. Cash on hand: ???.

Mayoral candidate Christian Carter's filing hasn't appeared on the Office of Campaign Finance's website. LL is waiting to hear back from Carter.

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  • Biggest ommission

    The fact that Gray hasn't recorded a dime.

  • Barry Morase

    I will not be voting for any of these candidates.

  • The reality is…

    The reality is, the city is running beautifully and people are happy in many parts of the city with the job that this Mayor is doing. Gray gets cleared, he's going to mop the floor with all of the candidates especially intellectual lightweight Muriel Bowser. Raising money is one thing, but visual signs of support like yard signs in actual homeowners yards are very telling. Bowser is basically invisible, even in her own Ward.

  • drez

    Gray's a crook. Setting aside the upcoming indictment by the federal grand jury the empaneled to consider the charges against him, common sense alone makes that clear.
    No one can have 33% more in their bank account than they legally own and not know it.
    No one can run a shadow campaign from the same building as their own campaign HQ and not know it.
    No one can pay off a minor candidate and then hire him into the office that oversees the actions of their illegal contributor and not know it.
    And especially not someone who professes to be a "detail oriented, experienced, hands-on" administrator like Gray does.
    He's a crook. It's clear. And it;s been clear for 2 1/2 years now.
    Regardless of how hard he runs from the truth, or how much lipstick he applies to his administration.
    He's done. So long and good riddence.

  • drez

    Shorter Gray:
    La la la. My most trusted and top lieutenant may have pled guilty to federal crimes, but I know nothing about it! Look at how well I run the city!

  • The reality is…

    Look at Bowsers campaign report... Almost all contributions r from Ward 4 and MD, VA... Non-factor contribution sprinkles in ward 5 and east of the river

    Gray will win East of the River and Ward 5 and will get votes in other wards.... Fact

  • http://ruckoneword@aol.com Knowone

    I live in ward 4 and Bowsers will not win. She does nothing in her own ward .
    Why should anyone vote for her can someone tell me why?

  • SEis4ME

    Drez, you've officially become pathetic....as sad and pathetic as the imbeciles who would find any reason to bash Fenty whether he was the subject or not. The same nutjobs who kept thumping their chest chest arguing that Fenty was going down. Whether it was the Skinner or the cheating scandal...they all had the same orgasms as you do now. An entire diatribe about a man not even mentioned in the article?

    And making these charges absent any evidence shows that the "until the evidence is out" approach you implored everybody else to Follow in all things related to Fenty was simply a fraud.

    It's now clear my friend, you are a fraud!

    Now back to the discussion about fundraising. ...

  • sticktoyourguns

    bowser as always will get money from bug business because she stays in their pockets. I mean what other ward in the city is going to have 5 walmarts....only ward 4 (well 2 really) but you get my point which is why she voted against the living wage. Bowser votes for big business not the residents on a daily basis. We residents can't do a thing for her, she hasn't done a thing for ward 4 but allow the crime rate to increase to an all time high. crime is higher in ward 4 right now than during the 80's. Big business keeps her in the race because people in the ward races don't run against her because it doesn't even start off at a fair race. Also what or when has she ever been seen east of the river prior to running in this race??? She shows up only at election time and it is time for residents to vote for a real candidate that will work for our city...black or white should not be a factor, only who is the best candidate and as a ward 4 resident I can tell you Bowser and best should never be mentioned in the same sentence...it's disrespectful to the word best.

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  • h st ll

    Impressive haul for Tommy. I think he has a good chance...

  • drez

    I think you're a looser. I actually don't give a damn what you think of me. That you can't see what is plain to the majority of DC residents is your problem, not mine.

  • SEis4ME

    Im comfortably hopeful that you don't care what ANYBODY online has to say about u. Doesnt mean u are being sad and pathetic. ..because you ARE!

    What is it that the majority of residents see? Where is the poll? Don't channel your inner ignorant and claim (on behalf of us) that we feel the same way as u do and not have thefacts to back it up.

    You had such a problem w.that when Fenty was the topic du jour. So don't sit here and doing now. Oh hell! Whom am I kidding??? Of course you're gonna do that very thing!

    Sadie Pathetica

  • drez



    Gray, unlike Fenty, has been the target of a federal grand jury probe.
    Gray, unlike Fenty, has had his own deputies plead guilty to federal crimes.
    Gray's a crook. Most folks get that.

  • SEis4ME

    Wait, to prove your point that most dc residents consider Gray a crook, you find a poll that was released w.in the weeks after the shadow campaign was revealed...over an entire YEAR ago?

    So u really think a yr old poll bolsters ur belief that most residents consider him a crook? And the pollster admittedly stated they polled Dupont/Logan residents who overwhelmingly supported Fenty in the primary...and with 30% writing Fenty in during the general? Wow...wow..wow!

  • Asuka

    @The reality...

    "Raising money is one thing, but visual signs of support like yard signs in actual homeowners yards are very telling."

    I agree. Remember when that time when Gray's illegal shadow campaign bought 10,000 Gray yard signs with illegal contributions and Gray claimed he "didn't know about it?" Yeah, that was good for a laugh.

    Gray is going to jail.

  • drez

    The Post poll was city wide. The Borderstan poll most likely was wieghted to that neighborhood due to their reader base.
    Regardless, these are only one year old and are the most current polls. And nothing has happened to change public opinion since, except the slow drip drip drip of scandal.

  • SEis4ME

    Well sure. Then show me a recent poll that proves that it hasnt changed. You certainly shouldn't expect ANYONE TO take u seriously when ur "proof"is based on Fenty voters. Further, if you're gonna fashion urself as one who has his finger on the pulse of what we here think, u should come with facts...not assumptions. You've yet to provide ANY evidence that most of us consider him a crook. The poll didn't ask that but somehow u gleaned it.

    Using your logic....since Gray comfortably won...its now proven that most dc residents thought Fenty was a lousy, ineffective Mayor and hated his education reform efforts. I mean...he did lose so the people did speak.

  • drez

    The WaPo poll is the most recent scientific poll on this.
    The ball is in your court, assuming you wish to continue playing a game in which your star player isn't even in the mix.
    You can turn out the lights when you leave.

  • The reality is…

    @Asuka. Uhmmmm unless you're blind or don't travel around the District of Columbia, what I stated is not a jab at Bowser, or a side-eye comment, it is a FACT.

    She has been out here for what 6 months now??? FACT

    I see sprinkles of yard signs around the District. It's pathetic actually. FACT

    And it's not like she is not trying.... She is knocking on doors all over the city. FACT

    She will lose if Gray runs. FACT

  • DCShadyBoots

    @Drez stop sucking on that bitter lemon of defeat. It is all dried up. Fenty lost. Whether or not Gray runs again will not change that fact. Fenty lost because of Fenty, not because of a shadow campaign. Whether you think Gray is a crook is irrelevant. So what if he is, Fenty still lost because of Fenty. He lost because the citizens of the District of Columbia didn't vote for him. It's that simple.

  • mizwillis

    Drez sucks dried up bitter lemons!!!!!!!

    So THAT explains it.

  • Asuka

    @The reality...

    "She will lose if Gray runs. FACT"

    Well, Gray's not running, he's going to jail. FACT

  • Drez

    For me its not about Fenty. You all brought him up, not me.
    For me it's about not having a crook for a mayor.

  • saywhat14

    Go Muriel, Go Muriel!

  • sticktoyourguns

    fenty just never got caught and bowser was in the know of all of his under the table dealings so she is just as corrupt as fenty. see just cause your sh*t didn't make the news or didn't make the paper doesn't mean you have clean hands...it just means you didn't get caught!

  • DCShadyBoots

    To remind you: "Gray, unlike Fenty, has been the target of a federal grand jury probe.
    Gray, unlike Fenty, has had his own deputies plead guilty to federal crimes.
    Gray's a crook. Most folks get that."

    Yes, you did bring up Fenty. You ALWAYS bring up Fenty. It is in your DNA.

    Nonetheless, should Gray decide to run again, I plan on voting for him, he has done a good job moving the city forward. Streetcars are coming along, property values increasing, city services continue to improve, etc.

  • Drez

    I only months now I have only written about Fenty in response to others writing this or that about him first.
    So, no, I don't bring him up.
    But I don't mind smacking down stupid self serving comparisons between Gray and Fenty.
    Although it does get a bit monotonous pointing out the stupid self serving errors some folks write here.