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LL Campaign Finance Round-Up: Everything Else

You've seen the hauls from last night's mayoral campaign disclosures. Here's what's going on money-wise further down the ballot.

Ward 1

Brianne Nadeau

Raised: $21,980.14. Spent: $10,592.32. Cash on hand: $46,163.86.

With eight months until the Democratic primary (or ten, if it's moved to June), Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham still hasn't declared whether he's running again. Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau, on the other hand, has been running so long that she already had  $34,866.04 before the latest reporting period total. Nadeau donors this cycle include nightclub DC9 ($400), and former councilmember Kathy Patterson ($500).

Bryan Weaver

Raised: $25,042.51. Spent: $2,061.78. Cash on hand: $22,980.73.

Second time Ward 1 candidate Bryan Weaver received money from the usual cast of D.C. progressive characters, including Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells ($250) and ex-Councilmember Sekou Biddle ($500), who Weaver ran against in a 2011 special election that both lost to Vincent Orange.

Ward 3

Mary Cheh

Raised: $35,650. Spent: $3,957.93. Cash on hand: $31,692.07.

Mary Cheh doesn't have an opponent yet, but that hasn't stopped her from fundraising. Among Cheh's contributors: former City Administrator Neil Albert ($200), budget wonk Alice Rivlin ($500), and former Councilmember Bill Lightfoot ($200).

Cheh also received $250 from Matt Frumin, whose run in last April's at-large election was seen by some of his opponents as a bid to raise his name recognition for a run against Cheh.

Correction, 8/4: Due to an error on Brianne Nadeau's campaign finance forms, WNEW anchor Troy Johnson was incorrectly identified as donating $15 to Nadeau. Nadeau received the money from another Troy Johnson, a retired union organizer.
 Photo by Darrow Montgomery
  • John

    Mary Cheh needs an opponent to save the city from her continuous irresponsible legislation. She is out of touch and should be out of office. Let's hope someone steps up to the plate.

  • Dave

    Agreed John. So out of touch.

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  • Asuka

    Will someone please run against Cheh? The council needs someone who listens to her constituents, not an out-of-touch whack job.

  • cutthecrap

    Do any of you live in Ward 3? If so, you should be able to draft or recognize a candidate worthy of replacing her.