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Vince Gray Finally Has the Living Wage Bill

Fifty-one days after the D.C. Council passed the Large Retailer Accountability Act—otherwise known as the Walmart living wage bill—Council ChairmanPhil Mendelson has sent the bill to Mayor Vince Grayfor his signature.
Gray received the bill around 3:20 p.m., according to mayoral spokesman Pedro Ribeiro.
With that wait over, another one can start. The mayor has 10 business days [...]

Board of Ethics Reportedly Looking Into Jack Evans

The District's Board of Ethics and Government Accountability is looking into Ward 2 Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans' actions in the handover of a city alley to George Washington University, the Associated Press reports.
In July, Evans, along with 11 other councilmembers, voted to close the alley so GWU could build student housing on it. The [...]

Morning Links

After more than 50 days, Mayor Vince Gray will get the Large Retailer Accountability Act today. [WAMU]
NBC 4 says Gray will veto. [NBC 4]
The Justice Department's new marijuana policy gives D.C.'s medical marijuana policy some breathing room. [Post]
The Metropolitan Police Department gets a new bloodhound. [WAMU, Times]
Derailed train closes Metro Red Line service between Fort [...]

Police Sergeant Sues District Over Traffic-Camera Whistleblowing

The District is set to expand its lucrative traffic camera program with new cameras to catch drivers. But in a lawsuit filed Tuesday, one Metropolitan Police Department officer says his attempts to fix the cameras resulted in retaliation so serious that he eventually lost his home.
Sgt. Mark Robinson's woes began in 2010, according to his [...]

Morning Links

The group behind D.C.'s Olympic bid won't reveal its board members. [Post]
Marion Barry's son charged with DUI and marijuana possession in Virginia. [NBC 4]
Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe goes on Kojo, declares the department "one of the best" in the country. [WAMU]
One way in which the D.C. United stadium deal is worse than Nationals Park. [Housing Complex]
Howard University Hospital [...]

School House Blocked

Fingers tented under his chin, David Catania is listening. He’s heard about how fingerprinting aimed at detecting sex offenders scares well-meaning parents away from schools, and about classrooms where the Internet is too slow for their new computers. Now, at a meeting on education in Ward 7, he’s hearing a Woodson High School senior read [...]

Living-Wage Bill Backers Make Final Push for Mayor’s Signature

With Mayor Vince Gray expected to receive the Large Retailer Accountability Act for a signature or veto by the end of the week, supporters of the bill rallied last night at Ward 7's Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church. Gray says he hasn't made up his mind on the bill yet, although statements from Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins and threats [...]

Attorney General Sues Gas King Joe Mamo

District Attorney General Irv Nathan is giving more scrutiny to D.C. gas baron Joe Mamo, who owns nearly half of the District's gas stations.
The District filed suit yesterday against Mamo, three of his companies, and ExxonMobil, alleging that Mamo's agreements with Exxon unfairly eliminate competition from other gasoline wholesalers. Mamo owns gas stations, sells wholesale gasoline to [...]

Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray will get the living wage bill to sign or veto by Friday, according to Phil Mendelson. [Post]
Fire department ditches cross-training recommended after the death of reporter David Rosenbaum. [Times]
Fire chief says the department has "turned a corner." [Post]
Police change stop-and-frisk rules. [WAMU]
Mary Cheh promises legislation to set aside taxi regs and make Uber's UberX legal. [WAMU]
Taxi commission [...]

Not Everybody Hates the Olympics Bid

LL's been looking for a reason to actually want the 2024 D.C. Olympics bid announced today to succeed, but it's hard. There are just so many reasons to want the Olympics to stay far away from the District.
But not everyone's immune to Olympics fever. The nonprofit behind the bid pitched councilmembers on the idea, and [...]