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Mayor Victimized by Brazen Slogan Thief

To the long list of offenses New York has committed against D.C., you can add one more: slogan theft. New York mayoral candidate John Liu has decided to go with what works and make "One City" his campaign motto.
Hey, that's Mayor Vince Gray's thing! After listening to Liu's "One City" radio ad, though, LL has [...]

Thomas Gore Gets Six Months in Prison

Former Vince Gray campaign aide Thomas Gore was sentenced to six months in prison this morning for his role funneling money to fringe mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, and then covering the scheme up.
Gore, who helped arrange payments to Brown and destroyed a notebook recording the transactions, will serve three years of probation when he gets [...]

Barry’s Bills

The District's Board of Ethics and Government Accountability fined Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry $13,600 earlier this month for accepting two gifts from city contractors worth $6,800. They'll have to get in line.
That's because Barry's finances, after years of missed tax filings and garnishments, aren't exactly booming—he reportedly accepted one contractor's gifts to cover hill [...]

Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray is trying not to look like a lame duck, Jonetta Rose Barras says. [Post]
Jack Evans defends holding up the attorney general election: "We are the final analysis." [Times]
Metro drops SmarTrip price. [WAMU]
Leave Abraham Lincoln alone. [Times]
Chicago Tribune says D.C. is making a mistake with Walmart. [Tribune]

D.C. United Agreement Gives District a Cut of Stadium Profits

Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. United co-owner Jason Levien signed a term sheet today to build a D.C. United stadium in Buzzard Point. Here's what's in it.
The agreement includes an interesting wrinkle: profit-sharing for the District. If D.C. United makes more money on the stadium than it loses in a year and the [...]

What About Barry?

These days, the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center is competing with the Dunkin' Donuts that was closed recently for unpaid taxes to be the least attractive portion of the U Street NW corridor. But in the mid-1980s, the District government office building helped spark the revitalization of the area, courtesy of then-Mayor Marion Barry. It [...]

MPD Headquarters, Park Building on Table for Stadium Swaps

Mayor Vince Gray signed a partnership deal today to build a soccer stadium for D.C. United at Buzzard Point, with the building expected to be finished in 2016. It's good that the city and the team have time, because the deal faces several big questions before any ribbons can be cut.
Can the city really keep [...]

Morning Links

D.C. United stadium deal includes $150 million from the District, Reeves Center swap. [Post]
Stadium political problems for the mayor include Marion Barry and populist mayoral candidates. [Post]
Deal offers a way out of the Reeves Center for the city. [Housing Complex]
Soccer deal would displace gay club. [Blade]
Metro raises its standards, but not by much. [WAMU]
Darrell Issa's [...]

Peace at Any Cost?

LL has the perfect plan to steer some District funds his way. First, he’ll team up with a rising politician poised to become mayor. Then, he’ll offer a service no one could say no to—anti-violence work, probably. If anyone starts asking questions about paperwork, he’ll just tell the mayor’s pals to push the money through [...]

Issa Introduces Budget Autonomy Bill

Rep. Darrell Issa's giving it another shot. The California Republican introduced another bill last night that would give the District some budget autonomy, and it passed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today.
Issa's bill would allow the District to spend its own money if Congress hasn't passed a budget by the start of the [...]