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Morning Links

D.C.'s first legal medical marijuana is sold, but only nine patients have cards. [Post]

Is D.C.'s economy stalled? [Housing Complex, DCistWBJPost]

Gun charges thrown out against officer who bought AR-15 with boss' permission. [Post]

Bicyclists and pedestrians want more traffic cams. [WAMU]

Gun activist Adam Kokesh: "a very dangerous man" [WAMU]

Attempted sexual assault at Anacostia bus stop. [Post]

Allbritton TV stations, including WJLA and NewsChannel 8, sold to Sinclair Broadcasting. [WBJ]

  • Asuka

    And still no outrage at the treatment (arrested at gunpoint by jack-booted thugs, held without bail when people accused of far more serious, violent crimes regularly are released, etc.) of Kokesh from this or any other media outlet. If only he were protesting in defense of a civil and Constitutionally-protected right that the intellectually dishonest media supported.