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Anonymous Flyer Maker No Fan of Bowser, Wells

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LL noticed these flyers, which initiate Large Retailer Accountability Act opponents Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells into the "Poverty Wage Coalition," all over the city yesterday.

"Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells recently voted to bring poverty-wage jobs to D.C.," the flyer declares. Readers are asked to call the D.C. Council's main number and let Bowser and Wells—not coincidentally, both candidates for mayor—that "we expect more from them."

The pictures are nice quality for a lamp post flyer, but LL has to question the wisdom of pressuring Bowser and Wells, who has his own living wage bill, so long after the vote. Why not run gray-scale photos of Gray or potential veto-override voter David Catania instead?

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Tom M.

    @ Ummm because the people who designed, paid for, and posted the posters don't think either Gray or Catania will be running for mayor in the next election. They know Bowser and Wells are. Are there any other declared or likely candidates who voted for the LRAA and might be trying to make hay while the sun is out and shining? Me wonders....

  • ron s.

    Wal-Mart jobs are meant to be entry level - great for teens and retirees. If you want a guaranteed comfortable living with no stress or accountability, get a government job.

  • SW

    @ Ron S.

    Enjoy that privilege, dude. Not everyone can get a government job, and lots of people are forced to support themselves and their families with Walmart jobs. You try living on $7.25 an hour.

    I don't think it's fair for the entry-level employees to suffer just to line the pockets of CEOs, shareholders and company owners.

  • Asuka

    More race division from Gray's current shadow campaign (as opposed to his old one). Sticking Bowser next to an old white guy - that's not a dog whistle, it's a bullhorn. They're prepping the battle space for a campaign that's never going to happen.

  • Asuka

    " Why not run gray-scale photos of Gray?"

    Because Gray (or rather, his current shadow campaign) is the one behind it.

  • seDCdude

    Race division, WTH!!!!!!

    @ ASUKA, explain please, INTELLIGENTLY!

  • Concerned Senior

    Asuka: A SUKAH SUCKS

  • Asuka


    I did, clearly and concisely:

    "Sticking Bowser next to an old white guy - that's not a dog whistle, it's a bullhorn."

    What more do you need? Gray is a master of leveraging racial divisions. He did when he made bike lanes and dog parks a fixture of his attacks against Fenty, and he's doing it again by lumping in Bowser with Wells. Its very effective at winning the vote of suckers like Concerned Seniors.

  • drez

    Interesting theory from Asuka.
    In the context of this theory what do you think of Gray's likely veto of the legislation?
    Why would you not think this flyer most likely to come from Gray's crew and not some Evans ally?
    Just curious.

  • Asuka


    Evans? Please - he's not serious about being mayor, just raising money. He would never do something like this because he doesn't care enough to try it.

    As for Gray's veto (if it even happens), that will come after these fliers have been posted and long after the low info voter demo will have taken this message as immutable truth.

  • drez

    No argument from me on either of those points.
    My last question would be: why do you not think this done by a union or other NGO such as potentially an Empower DC faction? The photos were obviously pulled from the respective campaign websites and the phone number listed is a general number not going to either council office or campaign. I guess I am saying that the flyer itself is fairly "low info".
    Not that any of that matters if the image itself is the message, as you believe.

  • Citydude

    Union is pulling its weight...

  • Asuka


    I think the fact that Gray isn't on this flyer says it all. As you mentioned, Gray is expected to veto the bill, so why even mention Bowser or Wells when the real impediment appears to be Gray? Even if you think Gray won't be running, why not cover your bases and include him in the smear campaign? Another base tactic from Gray shadow campaigners.

  • Barry Morase

    I'm not voting for any current D.C. Councilmember running for Mayor.

  • Ward2guy

    This is littering on public space. Either SEIU or Gray's campaign is behind it.

    Message to the vandals: You have lost my support sympathy. you have hurt your own cause. I am now going to shop at Walmart.

  • AERzondzinska

    Ron S.: You are speaking in ignorance. The average age of people working in retail in D.C. is 34 years of age. I don't have the facts at my fingertips at the moment, but most people who work for Walmart are NOT teens. They need a living wage, just like you do.

  • Blevins

    @ward2guy: SEIU was my first thought as well, but this seems a little low rent for them.

  • drez

    The more I consider it the more I think you are right. It makes sense that if Gray vetoes the Walmart bill that he would want to deflect and attribute any negatives associated with doing so onto his opponents.

  • saywhat14

    That sounds like a David Catania or Jack Evans move. David Catania is running for Mayor and is expected to announce soon.

  • seDCdude

    @ asuka, you're reading like you're from MARS while others from planet earth!!

    you should offer up more than just you're OPINION when attempting to slander the MAYOR, IJS!

    Rather Sulaimon Brownish if you ask me!

  • Smh


  • drez

    That is an unfortunate comparison on your part given that Suliamon Brown was on Gray's payroll.
    What is it, exactly, that you are trying to say?
    That Gray couldn't have done this because he's done it before?

  • mizwillis

    @ 21: DREZ AND ASUKA DID IT!!!!!

  • Hmm…

    I initially thought Evans but then I noticed all the people posting this article on Facebook. All of them either work for the Gray administration or supported him in 2010.

  • RealDC

    LMAO- Both Bowser and Wells are clowns..... look at their records???

    Marmaduke and "The Town Drunk" are not the answer.

  • seDCdude

    @ dREZ

    are you NOT in timeout!?

    are you NOT the shameless 1 who when checkmated flips the board over, or when not chosen on the court takes your ball and goes home??

    YES to all the above, and with the last shellacking you took on this blog imma need you to speak when spoken too, you dig?!!

    YOU, dREZ; have 0, ZERO, NADDA credibility here and you know it, so if you did'nt know NOW YOU DO or else you better ask somebody!!

  • drez

    You are too funny. But thanks for playing.

  • Barry Morase

    Bowser seem to have a heart made of ice. She's a cold human being.

  • justsayin

    @Barry Morase: She's a piece of work. As ANC commissioner, she declared in a public meeting that renters who might be affected by a development project planned to be adjacent to their apartment complex "THEY SHOULD MOVE!!" Never voted for her and never will.

  • truth hurts

    Pay to play players ponied up. Prospect of priority preference points propelled peeps posting posters.

  • SaveWard7

    It is so sad how RACIST DC still is and will continue to be!!!

  • sticktoyourguns

    bowser has taken so much money from walmart, their developers, and their lobby people that she can't turn back now....she is in their pockets deep. so remember Muriel bowser is working for big corporations not for the residents of dc.

  • sticktoyourguns

    please listen to those of us who live in ward 4...it ain't a pretty picture over here...our crime is at an all time HIGH!! We the voters cannot remove her because she gets checks from the builders and developers who want to do business in the city and other GOOD caring people are scared to run against her because they feel it's not a fair race because no one can win and raise the money against her. the sad truth is that elections in DC are no longer about who the best person for the job...but they are now about who can raise the most money to scare everyone else off so they won't run, and until residents want better for our city we will be stuck with people like bowser who has only cross the river because of this election.

  • Asuka

    LOL at all the Gray shadow campaigners attacking Bowser. You're wasting your time - he's headed to jail, not the campaign trail. Who will you vote for then?

  • justsayin

    LOL@the pod-people mentality of anyone who believes that a vote against Bowser equates to a vote for Gray. Neither of them gets mine. We know money talks and BS walks---right into office, but I'd prefer someone other than anyone who is currently serving (or not) as a councilmember or mayor. A different and better result won't happen by doing the same thing over and over again.

  • TeamEvansIsShady

    This has "Evans for Mayor" written all over it.

    The Campaign Manager for Evans has already been criticized for plastering Evans signs all over the Palisades parade route in Mary Cheh's Ward (not to mention all up and down 14th St NW 10 months out from the election), and this type of tactic is right out of his playbook.

    I have overheard this same guy talking about how he wants to encourage a strong black candidate to enter the race to split the black vote. In a recent LL article on Jack's candidacy, he seems to cheerlead gentrification ("NOW look at it!").

    If you can't win straight up, I guess this is what you resort to, even in the early going.

  • seDCdude

    @ asukka

    they have MEDS for that my friend!

  • saywhat14

    Muriel Bowser is not cold, she is one of the most thoughtful Councilmember's that exist today in DC. Now she is not no punk that people think they can push around and I happened to like that about her. Have a conversation with her, I think you may change your view of her.

  • drez

    The same sad crew that backed that crook the first time around. Minus the ones who've gone to jail or just can't be bothered without Thompson's illegal cash to buy their sockpuppethood.

  • sticktoyourguns

    a statement against bowser is not a vote for gray, well not from me anyway. I happen to have had many conversations with bowser and I'll pass on having anymore see she can smile her way through the conversation but she can't think her way off a one way street. now that is not somebody ANYBODY should want for mayor, DC is in bad enough shape already. and as an African American I hope people of color or minority however you want to say it don't think we have to stick to having a black mayor...we've had one all of these years and look at the mess we are in now. I could care less about having a black mayor...and to include it all we have had a black woman as mayor and look where that got us...among many other things we lost the Redskins Thanks to Sharon Pratt Kelly.