Loose Lips

Morning Links

Kenyan McDuffie, Muriel Bowser suspicious of stadium land swaps. [WAMU]

Stadium deal makes LGBT group reconsider its planned move to Reeves Center. [Blade]

Vince Gray gets a softball injury. [Post]

Summer school misses enrollment goal. [Post]

George Zimmerman verdict inspires Adams Morgan attack. [PostTimes, WTOP]

United Medical Center could spend all of District subsidy. [WBJ]

D.C. United could move development to the other side of South Capitol Street. [WBJ]

Man high on PCP steals ambulance. [WAMU]

Colby King declares Jeff Thompson "public menace no. 1." [Post]

  • mizwillis

    Question: Does Colby King have free reign on what he puts in his articles. I would like for him to write about the convicted felon WaPo endorsed for Ward 7 Council Member. I would like to start with the considerable amount of money squandered by Peaceaholics.

    Then I'd like to read what King says about the almost $100 million Fenty's fraternity brothers and his former high school substitute teacher managed to pilfer from King's tax dollars.

    Of course I'm also anxious to read about that world class bicycle Fenty received with no problem while probably at the same time complaining about a fence then Chair of the Council had constructed around his home.

    Talk about selective reporting.........