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Assistant Inspector General Position Left Unfilled for Seven Months

The District's Office of the Inspector General hasn't been doing much quality inspecting lately. In one of its latest reports, the inspector general discovers that a Department of Parks and Recreation employee was using too much city gas—but can't prove that the employee was actually stealing it. The U.S. Attorney's Office declined to prosecute. In another report, the inspector general continues its long-standing crusade against handicap placard abuse.

Why is the inspector general's office wasting its time with penny-ante schemes? It can't be for lack of opportunity— U.S. Attorney Ron Machen and the District's own attorney general have no trouble pursuing alleged waste and corruption in the District's government. Meanwhile, when it does have a meaty issue to investigate, like the potential test-score cheating in D.C. public schools, it takes too long.

Here's one way to improve the IG's investigations: actually hire someone to run them. The assistant inspector general for investigation position has been empty for seven months, ever since then-assistant inspector general Stacie Pittell left to become the lead attorney at the D.C. Board of Ethics and Government Accountability.

Inspector general Charles Willoughby tells LL over email that his office is working to fill the position, but wouldn't put an estimate on when he would be done.

  • truth hurts

    The IG's entire office should be axed. It's pathetic and a waste of money.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Funny how Dumocratic run institutions in DC and Chicago can't seem to find politically-related criminal conduct when it occurs right in front of their faces, but the US Attorney Generals make careers out of prosecuting crooked Dumocrats.

  • UNCG-Grad

    If Willoughby spent as much time trying to actually do some actual INVESTIGATIONS as he does trolling the 14th Street corridor with comely women, he MIGHT actually do something worthwhile, but why stress it when your overall goal is to just coast to the end with your retirement in sight?