Loose Lips

Barry’s Bills

The District's Board of Ethics and Government Accountability fined Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry $13,600 earlier this month for accepting two gifts from city contractors worth $6,800. They'll have to get in line.

That's because Barry's finances, after years of missed tax filings and garnishments, aren't exactly booming—he reportedly accepted one contractor's gifts to cover hill bills. The board even had to tell Barry he couldn't pay off his fine with more prohibited gifts. (City records show Barry has $2,348.04 in his campaign account and $131 in his constituent service fund, but he can't use that money to pay the tab, either.)

How could someone making nearly $130,000 each year find himself in such straits? The mayor-for-life isn't saying. Through an aide, he sent over this statement: "My personal finances with the IRS, like other Americans, is personal. Judgements appear on my credit report. Most Black politicians don't start with any assets, and I'm one of them." Above, a look at what we know about Barry's finances.
Graphic by Carey Jordan

  • Angelina

    And Gov McDonald gifts were over $120,000!!!!

  • JimDC

    Barry failed to DC income taxes - even though he makes $128,000 per year in DC funds. Barry is sleaze.

  • Smh

    @Angelina: But McDonald is not a DC politician. This is called the WASHINGTON City Paper, not the RICHMOND City Paper.

  • name

    Don't forget to calculate existing federal and state taxes.

  • name

    "Most black people don't have any assets"

    Ha! He had a house and wife, but all his money went up his nose and he couldn't keep his fly zipped like most DC black residents of his age bracket.

  • seDCdude


    While most whites can't and won't stop divisive tactics and politics, racist agendas, rules for us rules for them SOPs, hypocritical theories and insecure posturing!!

    Quite a few WHITE BOYS over in Thailand walking hand in hand with LADY BOYS, been happenin' for years, wedding band and all, but you won't talk about that huh NAME???

  • Smh

    @seDCdude: Again, this is the WASHINGTON City Paper, not the BANGKOK City Paper.

  • seDCdude

    AAaayyyy, another pastey poser with no damn common sense!

    @ SMH, yeah I guess that works best as opposed to you bobN and weavN, makes NO difference where IN THE WORLD we find the INSECURE individuals such as yourself, if the shoe fits you guys will FLAUNT IT!!!

  • FormerBrownSupporter


  • seDCdude

    From South African INTERNATIONAL TENNIS HALL OF FAME'S COWARD BOB HEWITT; nasty, perverted, pedophile POS who not only destroyed lives and families, but LITLE GIRL'S innocence, right on over to the peanut gallery morons in ITALY who threw bannanas at Prime Minister CECILE KYENGE all because of the color of her skin....yeah SMH go figure U extra dumb azz hypocrite!

    An embarrasment!

  • mizwillis

    If Fenty dodges the bullet bet he won't have any financial problems. Heck, even if he doesn't dodge the bullet he's stolen enough to have plenty left over after legal fees AND doing a li'l time.

  • mizwillis

    And don't bring up Gray.
    All of the obvious crimes committed by Fenty (with the legal protection of Papa Nickles) along with the amounts of money his frat brothers and school mates and substitute teachers have gotten make any of the things other DC politicians have been charged with or accused of look like PEANUTS.

    One of whom is an admitted convicted crack dealer who was endorsed by The Washington Post for Heavens sake. He had the nerve to run for office as a Republican. What in the world are you nitwits thinking when you ignore the Fenty Gang of Thieves?

  • Dee

    So a convicted crack dealer that is blessed with turning his life around not allowed to participate in the election process. I was thinking if you paid you're' dues you are allowed to return as the a productive citizen and go on with there lives also showing other convicted crack dealers that there is another way of life.