Loose Lips

MPD Headquarters, Park Building on Table for Stadium Swaps

D.C. United co-owner Jason Levien and Vince Gray sign stadium term sheets

Mayor Vince Gray signed a partnership deal today to build a soccer stadium for D.C. United at Buzzard Point, with the building expected to be finished in 2016. It's good that the city and the team have time, because the deal faces several big questions before any ribbons can be cut.

Can the city really keep its expenses for land swaps and ground preparation to $150 million? Where will the nongovernmental tenants in 14th Street's Reeves Center go when that building is traded for stadium land? How will the District fit 20,000 people in an area that's currently served by two-lane roads?

Looming over all of that, though, is how the city is going to persuade Pepco and Washington Kastles owner Mark Ein to part with their own land in the stadium footprint. Since the District is nearing its statutory borrowing limit, Pepco and Ein will likely have to be satisfied with more land swaps. (One Wilson Building staffer snarked to LL about the "pawn shop" feel of the negotiations.)

Gray wouldn't say what city property is on table, but Department of Governmental Services Director Brian Hanlon offered LL an idea. According to Hanlon, D.C. is considering trading the Metropolitan Police Department's headquarters at 300 Indiana Ave. NW, assessed at a little less than $65 million this year, for stadium land. A Department of Parks and Recreation building two blocks south of the U Street corridor at 1325 S St. NW, assessed at $5 million, could also be part of a swap, Hanlon said.

Ein, at least, is loving his no-lose position at the center of the deal. When a reporter asked Gray what Ein could receive for his parcel, Ein had a grin large enough to fit a United soccer ball.

Ein declined to tell LL what city properties he has his eye on. "I'm very happy here," he says, gesturing around Buzzard Point.

Who wouldn't be?

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Ward4forever

    The Mayor is being dishonest. (Not a shock given his campaign finance criminality)

    The Mayor's primary goal is to build a huge stadium for Dan Snyder - at taxpayer expense.

    The plan is to put that new Dan Snyder Stadium on the RFK site. The Mayor needed to put DC United somewhere first. But the Mayor failed to mention anything about that.

    Why has Jack Evans not yet been indicted? When will Ron Machen at long last indict Vince Gray?

  • Chris hauser

    I guess poplar point is out. Poor old poplar point, so unloved.

    Not a pawn shop, a swap meet.

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  • anonymous


    Duh! Why did I not think of that (slaps head with palm and rolls eyes)! Of course this is all about stadia and circuses for the suburban masses... with a few golden crumbs for the facilitators.

    Jack will never be indicted. He's enriched too many billionaires, who in turn have ensured his continued stay on the Council.

  • Pawn Shop

    "Pawn Shop" is better than the usual money in someone's pocket as per usual in D.C.

  • Big Time

    All of you, just shut up. 99% of the employees at the Nats concession stands and for the team are from the NEIGHBORHOOD locals. Grow up. This is a win-win.