Loose Lips

Morning Links

Health exchange has spent $4.8 million on contractors since April. [WBJ]

Vincent Orange's staff refers questions about his consulting deal with a Northeast produce store to U.S. Attorney's Office. [Post]

Anthony Williams wants a living wage veto. [Post]

Six people shot Friday night and Saturday morning. [NBC 4]

Talk radio hosts ask Orange why he doesn't pay his campaign workers a living wage. [YouTube]

Post ed board approves of zoning rewrite's less ambitious approach to parking minimums. [Post]

Tuition grants for D.C. students going to Howard decline. [Post]

Insurers lower prices in District's health exchange. [Post]

  • Stephon

    Will you please get off of Anthony Williams "jock strap." He is and was an "empty suit" like the rest of the so called DC Politicians. We are arguing over paying people a so called Living Wage of $12 per hour in Washington DC!! Who in the hell can raise a family on $12 an hour in Washington.


  • Blevins

    Wow, Steph. Thanks for the reasonable, detailed analysis.

    In other news, another Vince may be in hot water. I guess this "accountant and lawyer" (eyeroll) may not be competent in either pursuit... his call out of Kwame's finances seems more funny now (albeit no less true).

  • Protect The People

    It's a shame that DC is so desperate for Wal-Mart that they are fighting council members for wanting to raise the minimum wage. I'm not a huge fan of VO but I totally support his effort to make sure DC residents don't get shortchanged by Wal-Mart.

    I think the radio personalities have very little character in trying to discredit Orange by asking why he doesn't pay his campaign workers the minimum wage he expects Wal-Mart to pay. They clearly were trying to knock him off his game because he is right that Wal-Mart should treat their workers better. I've been to the Costco in NE and the workers always say how happy they are that they are treated well and paid well for their hard work.

    Orange brought the figures and the radio personnel brought emotions. They lost the battle already. I've talked to employees who work at Wal-Mart in Hyattsville and they said they wish their government officials would vouch for them like Orange does on this minimum wage issue.

    Kudos to CM Orange for standing by the people and sticking to his position. Everyone claims that Wal-Mart is a win for DC, but is it a win for DC residents? That's the real question!