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Investigation of Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign could take even longer. [Post]

D.C. Council members talk about what to do with Marion BarryDavid Grosso says expulsion could be part of punishment. [Post]

Gray takes on synthetic marijuana, Ethiopian clerk. [NBC 4]

Developers pitch plan for Walter Reed. [Housing Complex, WBJ]

Office of Tax and Revenue shuts down fast food restaurants. [WBJ]

  • RealDC

    There is a ad-hoc committee investigating Barry that might recommend expulsion?

    LOL- I DARE you, as matter of fact, I DOUBLE DARE you to expel him.......Grosso does not have the balls to do this!! LOL- grandstanding by the "progressive" crew is hilarious....

    So why is Graham not getting investigated? No ad-hoc committee? Mendelson, i cant hear you?

    Hit it Jack.." this the worst council, ever".... thanks Jack Evans!

  • truth hurts

    I suggest LL and others read what Grosso actually said, as reported by WaPo:

    "I'm not sure what expulsion does. CM Barry has shown he can win election after election. Perhaps we should keep him here and limit his powers."

    As for Graham, my recollection is the Council censured him months ago. Hopefully, voters will fire him next year.

  • Will Sommer

    @ Truth Hurts

    "'I think everything should be on the table,' [Grosso] said, including expulsion,"

  • truth hurts

    Followed by the statement I quoted.

  • Concerned Senior

    'Grasso': My Asso
    Send that dope SELLING creep back to where he came from.
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    The Mayor for Life's charge was possession of weed. Not distribution. Did the media ever publish what it was 'Grasso' was charged with?

    Probably NOT!!!!!

  • whatever

    Whites and foreigners are the biggest sellers and users of drugs in the DC area now!