Loose Lips

Is Terry Lynch Running in Ward 1? Ask His Website.

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham already has two challengers in Brianne Nadeau and Bryan Weaver, and Graham hasn't even said whether he'll run for reelection. The field could  be even more crowded, though, if gadfly Terry Lynch jumps in.

Lynch—dubbed "Washington's most annoying man" by the Post— has already set up a draft website for his campaign. LL stresses the word "draft" here. Lynch's list of things are important to him reads, in its entirety, "These are the things that are important to me...".

His vision for Ward 1? "I’m running because I can improve our Ward 1."

Lynch, the executive director of the District's Downtown Cluster of Congregations, says he hasn't decided yet whether he'll try to oust Graham. He knows that splitting the challenger vote would help the incumbent win re-election, if Graham decides to run.

And yet...

"Conceivably," Lynch says. "I'm the one person who could beat him in that race."

Screenshot via TerryLynchDC.wordpress.com

  • Asuka

    Anyone but Graham. Anyone but Cheh. Anyone but Gray.

  • CR

    Terry Lynch? Yesterday's news.

  • Tom M

    @ Asuke - I agree and as a Ward 3 voter and active person, I'd like to see someone other than Cheh. But i have not heard of any potential opponent beginning to emerge. Know anything about a Cheh Challenger???

  • joan

    split the vote and reelect Diamond Jim - then we get a special election after he's indicted

  • dcgovcorruption

    Terry Lynch has lived off of the dc gov long enough

  • Bob

    It's high time for Queen Graham to abdicate or be deposed. Terry Lynch has name recognition, knows DC issues (including schools) and has the best shot of ousting the incumbent.

  • Logan Denizen

    Terry Lynch is a destructive presence in so many sectors of this city's public and private life. I beg him to run so that we can destroy his over-inflated sense of self and air more than a little of his dirty laundry.

  • What what?

    I follow this stuff closely and have no idea who he is.

    Further, on the hierarchy of needs, gum on the street, a street lamp on- doesn't rise to the level of importance in my life. The number of homeless families and children does. The grossly high level of unemployment does. The terrifying level of high school drop outs does. The level of misconduct in govt contracting does.

    Terry, get back to me when you're addressing issues of substance. Til then, by all means, keep up with your aspergers-esque obsession with minutia. I appreciate it, but it's hardly substantive. At. All.

  • Ward1guy

    Terry Lynch has already violated campaign finance laws. Once Lynch announced, via his website, that he intended to run, he was legally required to file with the Office of Campaign Finance. Food for thought: Terry predicted that Fenty would win re-election in 2010. And Terry was a big Fenty supporter. How did that work out for you, Terrry?

  • NE John

    Is this guy a god-freak? Congregations? Hell no

  • southeast lady

    to joan, can jim graham serve from prison which is where he needs to be? Just asking.

  • southeast lady

    to asuka: Anyone but the clowns you named I agree, but who else is there out there?

    OMG, I don't want to have to run I am 72 (smile)

  • Chris hauser

    I see the campaign sign now: TERRY!

    don't laugh, it'll work.

  • mizwillis


    Oh MY God, thank GOD you know you CAN'T run.
    And not because you are 72.

  • anonymous

    "I follow this stuff closely and have no idea who he is."

    Cat got your tongue, drez???

  • Drez

    Not sure how I'm getting drawn into this.
    I'm not involved.
    That said, I think Lynch has done a lot of good over the years and despite why others have said above I don't think he's ever had a DC government paycheck or contract. I've also never heard of him breaking laws.

  • anonymous

    "Not sure how I'm getting drawn into this."


    "I'm not involved."

    ROFLMAO.... this confirms the assessment that you are really a split personality.

    "That said, I think Lynch has done a lot of good over the years and despite why others have said above I don't think he's ever had a DC government paycheck or contract."

    You would know.

    "I've also never heard of him breaking laws."

    No doubt you don't count public intoxication. Or maybe you were in a blackout.

  • mizwillis

    @Drez: Let THAT go.

  • gaga

    no doubt terry lynch could get all of the abandoned bicycles out of foggy bottom. thats about it. he could not win if he was the only candidate on the ticket. annoying is an understatement. the guys is a grade a TOOL.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Anyone but Muriel Bowser and Adrian Malik Fenty. LOL