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Morning Links

The two Tommy Wells [WCP]

Council passes living wage bill in mammoth meeting, earns Walmart threat. [Housing Complex, WTOP, Post]

Transgender birth certificate bill passes. [DCist]

Council contract refusal could hold up instant lotto tickets. [WBJ]

D.C. accused of violating due process with vehicle seizures. [Times]

Retail group says living wage bill is "flawed." [WBJ]

Cab commission and two other agencies will move into Anacostia evidence warehouse. [WBJ]

Chuck Thies wants to know how Council will fix Walmart meltdown. [NBC 4]

Michelle Rhee's lobbying outfit finds little traction in Tennessee. [New Republic]

  • RealDC

    How much is Chuck Thies getting paid by Walmart?? That is not honest and fair reporting, NBC 4 should send him packing. What a loser on every level. Maybe he should go report for Walmart TV because he is sipping the Walmart "Kool-Aid"..... "Walmart will set up on the borders of Maryland and Virginia" and dangle cheap toothpaste and breakfast cereal to lure the "DC folks" across the line.... laughable..... MD is on a gambling binge, they have not time for Walmart's non-sense and Virginia has enough Walmarts. So Thies and Walmart lovers, stop with the boogeyman tactics.... DC will not collapse because Walmart pulls out... Geez....and they are not pulling out... where else are they going?

    In the words of Sting, "if you love somebody, set them free......if they comeback than it was meant to be....". Set Walmart free.......Lets not get into a another baseball situation, the Expos had no where else to go but Jack Evans and his mob gave away the city for an organization that had no other choice. But Evans, Tony and the nostalgic "Pleasantville" past time mob gave DC away. Still paying for a stadium and taxing businesses to pay for a "Baseball Stadium "...unreal....But this council wants DC to be taken serious when it comes to business. How? When you create a one sided deal that screws all small to medium size businesses in the city.

    Thanks Jack!

    For Real!

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