Loose Lips

Board of Ethics Investigates Marion Barry’s Gifts

The District's Board of Ethics and Government Accountability is investigating the gift that Marion Barry received from a city contractor, Barry told the D.C. Council last night.

During yesterday's meeting, Barry recused himself from a vote on a contract involving F&L Construction, saying that they both have an issue in front of the ethics board.

The $4,000 gift is a couple orders of magnitude over the $20 gift limit, as is a $2,800 gift from Forney Enterprises. That's an attractive target for any ethics watchdog. Still, the board's refusal to comment on the investigation had left it unclear whether it was looking at Barry.

Barry isn't the only pol under scrutiny from the ethics board. Former Councilmember Michael Brown, who's got bigger problems, could receive a violation at the board's meeting this afternoon for refusing to file his financial disclosure forms last year.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DCShadyBoots

    BOE investigating something that Barry has already told them was inappropriate. How inciteful.

  • Typical DC BS

    How about kicking Barry off the council for a barely concealed bribe? No different than Miss Graham is accused of doing. At least Missy is smarter than Barry in not being so blatant.

  • Bob

    We know how this will end. An 'inconclusive' conclusion or a mere slap on the wrist for the ex-Mayor-for-Life, who seems to have a Teflon coat to protect himself from the consequences of his continued criminal conduct.

  • BMF

    Marion did something illegal? Stop the presses!

  • Will Sommer


    Barry told them it was inappropriate? He put the gifts in the disclosure forms, but didn't exactly say "By the way, this is way above the $20 limit, and I used it to pay my bills"

  • http://www.rcmodelswiz.co.uk/rc-gifts-ideas/ RC Pal

    Gift-giving, as they say, is skill. Apparently this is showing bad skills. Good luck to Barry.