Loose Lips

Morning Links

Walmart says it'll back out of three D.C. stores if large retailer bill passes—or is it bluffing? [Housing Complex, WAMUWBJ, WBJ, NBC 4]

Mammoth day at the D.C. Council, with votes on smoking bans and licenses for undocumented immigrants. [Post]

Irv Nathan and DC Appleseed argue about attorney general's future. [WAMU, WAMU]

Vincent Orange wants the Council to be able to boot the mayor or attorney general over ethics. [Post]

D.C. schools plan to introduce "twilight academies" for students who fail ninth grade. [Post]

Deliberately breaking D.C. gun laws leads to negative consequences. [NBC 4]

Jeffrey Thompson's Chartered lost money, members. [WBJ]

Marion Barry weighs in on Elliot Spitzer. [Detroit Free Press]

Georgetown students think their ANC reps are too nice to neighbors. [Hoya]

DMV shortage means months-long wait for driving test. [NBC 4]

  • Citydude

    This city council is owned by Unions and they will do whatever is asked by Union. Remember Michael Brown gave up his campaign and he announced it from the union Hall.
    Unions say that they represent the grass roots..But has anyone seen any study on how many union workers live in this town?? How many unions are located in DC?? No newspaper has been blunt about the influence of Unions and Utility companies..Unions provide workers to these campaigns and those hours are part of all contracts that says a union member be allowed 10 hours a month for union work..And there in lies a big story that needs to be covered..

  • RealDC

    The city does NOT need 6 Walmarts anyway!

    LMAO- Walmart is bullying the DC pols and just like the CHUMPS they are, they will cave.....watch!

    Mayor Uno City does not know what to do...... Stop being LAZY and find other tenants for your pet projects... Geez....

    The one thing all the DC pols have in common is that they will "dance for the money", campaign donations, constituent service funds, etc. Them bamas like the "quick" and "easy" money.... a classic Bowser quote.. "corporate money is good money, I love it"... its not just her but all are "pigs at the trough".

    Jack Evans' quote is the best... "this is the worst Council,ever".... yes, Jack you are right on that, YOU are part of the worst council, ever!!

    So lets turn on Ch 13 and watch the "Monkeys" in the Wilson Building cave into Walmart's Economic Revival Plan to Save DC!!-SMH

    PS- The Monkey comment has nothing to do with race but the way this council acts, and justifies its actions like the citizens of DC are stupid. In a lot instances, the "ivory" monkeys are worse.... watch!

    Hit it Jack......."this is the worst council, ever in DC"!!! Yep, I have to agree.

  • tony


    You can write your azz off...I give u great props. I respect gifted people. You are in the same class as noddlez, strangfruit, mizwillis, and really when it comes to great writing skills and very good thinking.

  • Typical DC BS

    @RealDC: Same attitude toward all the union money that also drives DC politics? Unions in government need to be abolished. There is NO OTHER business or legal entity that would allow this conflict of interest, where employees and their union overlords are allowed to help elect the people who will decide their raises/pensions/spending.

  • CrazyMBA

    I have a completely different take than all of you. While I am no fan of Walmart, I see where they are coming from.

    Washington DC spent (years not months) lobbying for Walmart to come to the District. And although 6 Walmarts seems excessive Washington DC is under retailed for a metropolitan area of its size.

    All you would need to qualify that statement is to step into PG or Arlington parking lot and see the number of DC tags. Residents make the choice to go outside DC.

    For the City to make a major change in the business environment after years of negotiations and courting appears dishonest. And it won't just stop with Walmart this may affect the way other corporations view the District, as there was a feature article in the WSJ.

    It is ironic that Mendelson is saying that it is Walmart acting in bad faith and failed to communicate when this seems like what he just did. It reminds me of the Annie Casey foundation deal when he just kept lobbing demands at them until they took their ball and permanently went home. He had the same reaction.

    The DC Council's whole approach to development has always been to treat those who come to DC for any reason as if they have no where else to go.

    Raise rates on parking...they will come to DC anyway..the data has proven otherwise.

    Raise state tuition they will pay it anyway...the data has proven otherwise.

    And now raise the cost of doing business in DC ...they will pay it.

    And time and time again consumers, students and businesses point out with their feet--that Virginia and MD is a short distance away.

    This is a lawyers point of view over an MBA/MS in business who would do the market study so they wouldn't make these mistakes. But legislators oh prefer their JDS, to their MBAs. And this is why business and lawmakers never see eye to eye.

  • NE John

    bye bye hillbillies