Loose Lips

Morning Links

Gray administration pushes back against David Catania's accountability plan for schools. [Post, WAMU]

Council panel backs licenses for undocumented immigrants without markings. [Times]

Washington Teachers' Union president Nathan Saunders ousted in election. [Post]

Fourth mayoral candidate enters the race. [Post]

AAA spokesman gets a workout at zoning hearing. [WTOP, NBC 4, WAMU, Housing Complex]

Mary Cheh wants fire chief to resign, Deputy Mayor Paul Quander isn't convinced [NBC 4, WAMU]

The owner of the Sequoia presidential yacht is giving it up. [Post]

  • Typical DC BS

    Heaven forbid the assholes on the DC Council bother to follow federal law and implement the Secure ID measures to prevent terrorists from using government-issued ID's to board planes and drive around our country. More interested in pandering to illegal aliens than worrying about US citizens.

    DC has got to have some of the most idiotic city council members in the USA, not to mention the voters who keep electing them. Of course, can't expect much from left-wing Dumocratic morons who know better than the federal government.

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