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Staffer for Ward 1 Challenger Brianne Nadeau Needs a Place to Crash

Can you spare a couch to defeat Jim Graham? Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau is ready to hire her first paid staffer. But first, she needs to find him a place to sleep.

"We're very excited to be bringing on our first paid staff member this week, and we'd love to be able to offer him housing with one of our supporters," Nadeau writes in a campaign email today. "If you or someone you know in the D.C. area has an extra room for the short term or for the long term, please let me know!"

Your potential house guest is Andrew Goodwin, Nadeau's new fundraiser. "In a challenge against Jim Graham (who by the way hasn't announced yet) we have a lot more to raise," Nadeau writes to LL.

In the meantime, maybe Millennial voters will appreciate Nadeau's commitment to the sharing economy.

Photo courtesy Brianne Nadeau

  • sbc

    Hold up. Her website says "Brianne believes that workers should be provided with a fair wage and benefits that allow them to thrive as residents of the District." How come she can't pay this guy enough that he can afford rent?

    Also, does he live in DC now? If so, why can't he just stay wherever he's been living? And if not, isn't there a DC resident she could have hired?

  • aaa

    Why does the main photo on her Website have her posing with Patrick Mara (and a bunch of other folks as well, but Mara is front and center)? Is is a oversight or a deliberate attempt to appear nonpartisan?

  • abc

    Call me ignorant, but isn't that considered an in-kind campaign contribution?

  • Bac

    I agree with sbc. And I'm looking for an alt to the usual contenders as well as exploring beyond Graham.

    Her campaign staff out to know ward 1 inside and out. So should she. Does she?

  • judy newman

    1. she should have enough of a base in her neighborhood to know someone with a spare couch
    2. the next crook looking for someone to buy on the council probably found this interesting
    3. completely infuriating - us attorney has probably opened up a file on her already - why not just stick out a for sale or rent sign?

  • DC=DistrictofCorruption

    WTF? Did I miss the joke? Is this supposed to be a column or Craig's List? Shame on the City Paper. First rule of the press: Be objective. If you can't, at least try to fake it. This writer should never publish another item about the Ward 1 race. You are totally bias and lack credibility. As a matter of fact, you should quit writing about DC politics completely. I believe that one of the primary reasons that the DC Council and administration were corrupt because the media failed to do its job as the Fourth Estate, providing the necessary oversight and accountability. Now I see that the local press was not just lazy but semi-incompetent.

  • Ward One Resident

    Obviously a slow news day...sheesh.

  • DC Dude

    So you going to post Graham or Weaver fundraising letters too? You were re-tweeting her earlier fundraising posts last week?

    Bring back DeBonis!!!

  • noodlez



  • DC Dude

    Wait wait wait now you are re-tweeting her thanking you for writing this?

    Really? FUCK ME!

    Jonetta Rose Barras must be so proud to see how far the LL standards of journalism have fallen.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat


  • Drez

    Ignore the critics on this one Will.
    LL is frequently ground shaking journalism- but not necessarily always and every article.
    And that's ok.

  • 20011

    Hey Brianne, how about you pay her enough so that she can rent a bedroom here? Jesus.

  • monkeyrotica

    Has she considered applying to Graham's office for constiuent service funds as a small, disadvantaged, locally owned nonprofit?

  • SaveWard7

    This is how it begins. A favor here, a favor there! Next, evening news! Don't start your campaign looking to possibly compromise yourself down the road!

  • political hack

    This is the death of looselips. As someone who has known, worked with and respected previous LL's this is just sad. Please put Will out of his misery before political season starts in DC. His lame ass questions during the CBE task force report press conference showed all that needed to be said and folks wondet why I now call this the Washington Shitty Paper.

  • FormerBrownSupporter

    I agree with political hack I liked the last Lose Lips reporter better. alan whatzhisname. Will you gotta step up your game.
    As for ward 1 race...Graham will win again!