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Gray Accuses Mendelson of Sitting on Living Wage Bill

It's been 21 days since the D.C. Council passed the Large Retailer Accountability Act, but Mayor Vince Gray still hasn't received the bill. Until he gets it, the countdown of how long he has to veto it remains stuck at 10 business days. How hard is it to transfer a bill between two people who [...]

Morning Links

Jeff Thompson wants to delay Chartered payout. [WBJ]
Machinists union endorses Jack Evans. [Post]
Michelle Rhee returns to celebrate DC-CAS score improvement. [Post]
Delinquent tax sale nets $6.6 million. [WBJ]
Woman accused of paint splattering National Cathedral held without bond. [CNN]
Martin Luther King Jr. inscription removal begins. [Post]

Phil Mendelson Asks LivingSocial to Lay Off the Booze and Guns

It's the time of the summer recess when a D.C. Council chairman's heart turns to more light-hearted pursuits. For Phil Mendelson, that means bugging LivingSocial.
In a letter to LivingSocial CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy, Mendelson asks the daily deals company to join its Chicago-based competitor Groupon and drop deals that involve both alcohol and guns. (Washington City Paper [...]

Mary Cheh: This Pool Stinks!

Councilmember Mary Cheh says the Wilson Aquatic Center hasn't been doing its share of keeping the city cool during the summer.
In a letter yesterday to fellow Councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie and Marion Barry, Cheh lists the many problems with the pool, reopened in 2009 after a $35 million renovation. It's closed on the hottest days of the summer [...]

D.C. Schools See Biggest Test Improvements Since 2008

Between the 2011-2012 school year and 2012-2013, D.C. students in public and charter schools averaged a 3.9 percent increase in math proficiency and a 4.1 percent increase in reading proficiency on the 2013 District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System, the largest gains in the system since 2008.
"Yes!" said Mayor Vince Gray, who kicked off the results announcement [...]

Anonymous Flyer Maker No Fan of Bowser, Wells

LL noticed these flyers, which initiate Large Retailer Accountability Act opponents Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells into the "Poverty Wage Coalition," all over the city yesterday.
"Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells recently voted to bring poverty-wage jobs to D.C.," the flyer declares. Readers are asked to call the D.C. Council's main number and let Bowser and Wells—not coincidentally, both candidates for mayor—that "we expect [...]

Morning Links

D.C.'s first legal medical marijuana is sold, but only nine patients have cards. [Post]
Is D.C.'s economy stalled? [Housing Complex, DCist, WBJ, Post]
Gun charges thrown out against officer who bought AR-15 with boss' permission. [Post]
Bicyclists and pedestrians want more traffic cams. [WAMU]
Gun activist Adam Kokesh: "a very dangerous man" [WAMU]
Attempted sexual assault at Anacostia bus stop. [Post]
Allbritton TV stations, [...]

Assistant Inspector General Position Left Unfilled for Seven Months

The District's Office of the Inspector General hasn't been doing much quality inspecting lately. In one of its latest reports, the inspector general discovers that a Department of Parks and Recreation employee was using too much city gas—but can't prove that the employee was actually stealing it. The U.S. Attorney's Office declined to prosecute. In another report, [...]

Morning Links

Kenyan McDuffie, Muriel Bowser suspicious of stadium land swaps. [WAMU]
Stadium deal makes LGBT group reconsider its planned move to Reeves Center. [Blade]
Vince Gray gets a softball injury. [Post]
Summer school misses enrollment goal. [Post]
George Zimmerman verdict inspires Adams Morgan attack. [Post, Times, WTOP]
United Medical Center could spend all of District subsidy. [WBJ]
D.C. United could move development to [...]

Vince Gray, Language Law Scofflaw?

Mayor Vince Gray's walk to oppose synthetic marijuana sales in Petworth last week was sidetracked when Gray encountered a store clerk who said he didn't speak English. How, Gray wanted to know, could the man help customers if he couldn't even speak English? Now language activists at Many Languages One Voice have produced a video where [...]