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Ron Moten vs. Irv Nathan

Nathan and Moten talk lawsuits after the panel

Between the council meeting and Keely Thompson's plea, LL didn't have time yesterday to get to the surprise guest at Tuesday's panel on the attorney general election: Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten

Most people facing a lawsuit from the District over bogus non-profit tax forms and luxury SUVs might decide to lie low. Instead, Moten used the question-and-answer session at the University of the District of Columbia law school to confront panel member and current attorney general Irv Nathan about the case. How, Moten wondered, could voters be sure that the lawsuit wasn't the creation of Mayor Vince Gray?

Nathan claimed that the lawsuit couldn't have been a Gray ploy, since the administration only knew about it hours before it was filed. And as for his own political aspirations, Nathan said he doesn't plan to run in next year's attorney general election.

Surprisingly quiet during Moten's exchange: ex-attorney general and fellow Adrian Fenty pal Peter Nickles. Nickles has denied a 2010 report that he steered a no-bid contract towards Moten's gang intervention group at Fenty's behest, but you'd think he'd have something to say about allegations of rampant grant fraud on his watch.

Photo by Will Sommer

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    different font sizes. what do they mean?

  • mizwillis


    It's kinda like a size. You know. Words and letters
    in type can be various sizes.

    For example, you have two administrations, one of them is alleged to have committed small crimes; and the other most definitely committed VERY LARGE HUMONGOUS crimes.

    It seems as if some of us can see the difference and others cannot.

  • truth hurts

    LL -- Maybe that's because Irv's lawsuit didn't allege "rampant grant fraud". To be liable for fraud, one must intentionally misrepresent material facts for the purpose of inducing a victim to give the fraudster something of value he could not have obtained but for his intentional misrepresentation. For example, purposely overstating one's income in order to induce a lender to approve a mortgage application for which the fraudster would have been ineligible had he been truthful about his income (think Kwame Brown). Irv's suit against Moten doesn't allege fraud, nor does it allege Moten would've been ineligible for the grants in question had he reported a higher income at the level Irv claims Moten received. Read the Complaint.

  • JimA

    Moten is a loser and an incompetent gangster

    And Irv Nathan could kick his behind a street fight.

  • chris hauser

    moten nathan nickles gray fenty. all in one article.

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  • Wrack

    Moten thinks being an asshole makes him anti-establishment. Nice try, loser.

  • SEis4ME

    Oh Well, this is what Adrian Fenty left us with. At least Sillyman has been excommunicated.

    @Truth, the district's AG has decided to sue. Obviously, he smells something fishy and it stinks. 100k salary for a minimally successful nonprofit? Lying on tax forms?

  • James

    LL references "rampant fraud under [Nickles] watch," if I recall correctly didn't AG Nickles initiate the investigation that was the basis for Harry Thomas, Jr.'s felony conviction? Let's not pretend that grant fraud is new; nonetheless, grant fraud is unacceptable.

    With regards to the defendants in the AG Irv Nathan suit (i.e. Peaceoholics, WEALTHY, et al), the defendants' tax returns were alleged misleading. The same organization (CYITC.org) that granted funds to the defendants made grants to non-profits that did not provide IRS tax returns and some did not have IRS non-profit status. I hope AG Irv Nathan sheds light on these types of grant fraud.

  • Mike Madden


    It's a WordPress bug of some sort (we're still trying to find the cause) that inserts random tags in some LL posts.

  • Speechless

    Why on earth would Irv "Gotti" Nathan speak with this CONvict? The civil suit appears to illustrate fraud and perjury.

    I submit that fraud and perjury charges maybe lurking in the shadows.

    The DC Auditor's report wanted to keep a lid on the rampant misappropriation of DC taxpayers money by the Fleeceoholics.

    And parents entrusted their children with this group...


    SMH! WTF!