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Another Jeff Thompson-Tied Straw Donor Pleads Guilty

Jeffrey Thompson

Another week, another visit to federal court for a straw donor tied to Jeffrey Thompson. Just four days after former Thompson employee Lee A. Calhoun pleaded guilty to making $160,000 in illicit contributions, Pennsylvania businessman Stanley Straughter admitted his own role as a conduit for more than $130,000 in court today.

Straughter, who worked as a contractor for Thompson's accounting firm, started making the straw donations in January 2006 at the direction of an unnamed Executive A whose description closely matches Thompson's. By the time Straughter stopped in February 2012, he had made $49,000 in donations to District campaigns, $58,600 to federal ones, and $25,000 to local and state candidates outside of the District. After making the donations, Straughter was reimbursed with money from the accounting firm, court documents say.

Photo courtesy Charles Parsons


  • truth hurts

    Note the 20k to DC pols in 2010, by far the most he laundered in a single year in DC. And note how the $$$ stopped when the feds raided Thompson's offices. Hmmm, who was elected mayor in 2010?

  • truth hurts

    Eventually, the public will know that Thompson illegally invested about one million bucks to get Gray elected ($653k for shadow campaign plus money funneled to campaign through massive straw donor network.

  • Spread Love

    And when does Fenty's Campaign get their Finance Records investigated by the Feds.
    Fenty raised $4.2 million by bulking, threatening and shaking down District businessmen.

    The Green team was and is still full of a bunch of crooks.

  • Spread Love

    And when does Fenty's Campaign get their Finance Records investigated by the Feds?
    Fenty raised $4.2 million by bullying, threatening and shaking down District businessmen.

    The Green team was and is still full of a bunch of crooks.

    Spread some Fed love their way please.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Interesting, indeed. If the U.S. Attorney continues on his current trajectory, he is going to unearth some un-gawdly political corruption to include the darling of the "progressive" "metrosexuals", none other than Adrian M. Fenty. In fact, his donations go back as far as Mayor Tony Williams and even some federal politicians. Necessarily, Machen will have to seek indictments on them all. Which would be interesting, of course, but not likely. His target, it appears, continues to be the elusive Mayor Vincent Gray. What a fine attorney he must have. I'll have to keep his name in my portfolio.

  • Concerned Senior

    Hey Bootsie Baby:

    The name is Robert In-It-To-Win-It Bennett.
    The same one who pulled Bill Clinton's ass out of the fire. He's never lost a case and is reportedly ready to retire. Think he'd take a case he didn't know he could win? Think he needed the $950 and hour fee?

    I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!

    If the Feds do investigate the Fentster and his Gang of Thieves they'll need someone much more talented than Papa Nickles to defend them. He was able to cross the t's and dot the i's for the heist, but he'll be busy covering his own behind if Machen & Co come a-knocking at midnight. With all the money they scammed out of the DC taxpayers I'm sure all of them can afford top rate legal representation. They would need it.

    Of course a fine attorney is always wise, but an innocent man doesn't have to be elusive. He only has to follow the directives of his attorney. Unless of course he is a fool.

  • drez

    Throughout Fenty's 4 years there was only the barest broken down whiff of smoke marking the sub $10K mini-scandal that was the Dominican firetruck thing. And in this there were never charges filed, and it was never connected to Fenty or even the Mayor's office.
    All this talk about how Hey! Fenty did it too!!! is nothing but pathetic attempts at distraction. But, hey, whatever helps you make it through the deepening twilight of this administration.

  • mizwillis

    Hey! Fenty DID do it. No too about it.
    He did it to the tune of close to $100m.
    That's a lot of cover your backside money. Sub 10k?
    How much was that piece of paper Kwame Brown signed worth?
    How much was the entire Sulaimon Brown take worth?
    How much did that poor man in the hat coming through the court house door with Fred Cooke net?
    Heck Ron Moten and his crew alone STOLE much, much more than what the entire alleged shadow campaign was said to have received.

    That whole set of clowns is sitting back sweating bullets praying the t's stay crossed and the i's stay dotted.

    Regardless of what Drez NEEDS to believe, Fenty was no different from any of the other politician who took money from Jeff Thompson. Fenty just amassed enough loot to cover his and his gangster friends' behinds.

    It was enough to coerce The Washington Post to endorse that convicted crack dealer Moten. Help us please Uncle Jesus!!!!!

  • Drez

    You are wrong again, mizwillis.
    Amassing loot for illegal purposes is Gray's bag.
    That's what Machen is prosecuting.
    Now pass the popcorn, please.

  • Concerned Senior

    .....Ah No, Drez

    As usual you are blindsided by your reflected glory in Fenty's infamy. And pardon me for being CORRECT when I say Machen is NOT prosecuting GRAY for amassing loot for anything.

    The people Machen is prosecuting have for the most part lived squeaky clean lives. NOT SO about the Fenty gangster Ron Moten. Oh they are good!!! They were very good!!!!! But that doesn't mean they are home free. I hope all of you enjoy the popcorn now. It won't taste so good with crow.

    I have a feeling the Fenty Gang wishes you would just shut up and go away so they can continue to hide behind Papa Nickles apron strings with their heads in the sand and their behinds up in the air waiting to be whacked.

  • Drez

    Really, CS, If you have info on Fenty et al you should be talking to Machen, not me.
    I couldn't care less what you think.

  • cutthecrap

    I believe this city has entered into another wave of the crack cocaine epidemic. It's apparent by the writings here. Only crack heads would be defending the Gray and Fenty administrations to the levels I'm reading. Either that or we have a number of crack babies who need to be in treatment. Part of Tom Gore's sentencing should include providing social services to the bunch losers who write on LL. Gray=Fenty, Fenty=Gray.

  • DCShadyBoots

    As said, Thompson has political ties that go WAY, WAY back. He has given money through questionable channels to every mayor since Marion Barry. If the US Attorney is going to start prosecuting those associated with those donations he is going to, necessarily, going to have to upset many of your FAVORITE political masters.

  • cutthecrap

    @dcshadyboots...political masters know how to avoid federal investigations and stay out of legal trouble. Political masters also know how to win elections, win reelection, get their political allies elected/reelected, keep their political allies in check/out of jail, and properly(legally) influence the electorate. We haven't seen a political master in DC ever.