Loose Lips

Gray Aide “Lost Himself in Loyalty” to Mayor

Here's an interesting take on Vince Gray campaign operative-turned-convict Thomas Gore: He loved the mayor too much.

Gore, the de facto 2010 Gray campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty last year to violating campaign finance and obstruction of justice laws in an attempt to funnel money to third-tier mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, and then cover it up.

In a sentencing recommendation filed today by the U.S. Attorney's Office, Gore is quoted saying he only helped Brown because he wanted to help his friend—the unnamed Candidate A who resembles Gray—get elected to office. One of Gore's friend's told prosecutors that he participated in the scheme because he was "lost in loyalty" to Gray.

Prosecutors weren't moved, though, and are asking that Gore receive six months in prison and six months house arrest. "Preserving the integrity of Candidate A's campaign and saving the campaign from the shame of future, scandalous revelations would have been a far better way for a person in Gore's position to demonstrate loyalty to his longtime friend," the sentencing memorandum reads.

Gore's sentencing is scheduled for July 26.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • SEis4ME

    But, what's more refreshing was that the entire discourse was respectful, up to the end anyway. If only all comment discussions went this way.

    I'm sorry but could you repeat that again? I think you might have spoken prematurely....

  • Asuka

    "It's fine if you interjected yourself into discussion but at least know the context in which it occurs."

    Uh, it was you who called me out, not the other way around; I didn't interject into anything with you - you interjected into my conversation with Tony. So yeah, context.

    "I condoned the lie Bill Clinton told and accepted him as a great president."

    You keep floating these false equivalencies. Anything Clinton did occurred AFTER he was legitimately elected. Bush's legitimacy was ruled on by the SCOTUS. No one's questioning Barry's CAMPAIGN. The key difference here - the one you keep ignoring - is that the manner in which Gray won the election is at question. Lance Armstrong won 7 Tours, but he took PEDs doing it. Was there any proof the PEDs won him those Tours? No, and given that most cyclists juice, it may not have made a difference. But he has still been stripped of his wins because the manner in which he won them was illicit, regardless of whether or not they actually made a difference in the final outcome.

    "You haven't even touched the surface. Come back w/some meat on the bone and then we can eat."

    As I thought - "you mad bro." I know you've lost because you keep having to insist that you've won.

  • SEis4ME

    You keep floating these false equivalencies.

    Really? I didn't question anyone's moral compass and make conclusions behind it...you did. Since there is no further legal issue to discuss, we're right back where I said we were...debating personal opinion. You don't believe people who still support Gray (and don't believe he is an illegitimate mayor) have a moral compass just like those who felt the same about Clinton not needing to be impeached. At the end of the day, it remains your personal opinion. As everyone here can see, I don't have a problem w/your opinion...the fact that we disagree. I don't need to question your morals because we disagree. You do.

    As I thought - "you mad bro." I know you've lost because you keep having to insist that you've won.

    Well that's rather odd. You post exactly what I said, then turn around and claim I've said something totally different than what you posted. Nowhere in that statement does the idea of "win" or even "lose" comes up. There is no contest here....well at least not w/me.

    Yet, you're claiming that I lost. Lost what? The pounds I sweated off while walking outside?

    BTW, in your scenario, Lance was stripped because the evidence showed that he used steroids. That is the process. OTOH, in a political environment, people are either voted out of office or forced to resign. Neither of those have happened to Gray. There has been nothing presented that shows Gray (unlike Lance) acted illegally. This legitimacy question centers around people's personal opinion about it.

    But I won't accuse you of making false equivalencies.

  • drez

    Asuka FTW.

  • tony

    Bring it on! No more Mr. Nice Guy!

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