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Ex-Councilmember H.R. Crawford Owes $13,000 in Back Taxes

Washington developer and former Ward 7 Councilmember H.R. Crawford is known for his real estate dealings, but here's one he probably doesn't want to be associated with. Unless Crawford coughs up $13,208.28 in back taxes to the District by July 15, his Eastern Market office will be sold at auction.

The 916 Pennsyvania Ave. SE building is one of 4,400 District properties headed to auction over tax liens. In order to be included in the auction, Crawford's building would have had to have been in arrears since last October.

Crawford, last in the public eye as a major player in the nepotism scandal at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, insisted to LL yesterday that the Office of Tax and Revenue had made a mistake. But when reached again later in the day, Crawford promised to pay up.

He's got a little time—delinquent owners have until July 15 to pay back their taxes and avert auction. "That was an oversight on our part," Crawford said.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Blevins

    How many scofflaw councilmembers has ward 7 produced? My goodness...

  • Typical DC BS

    How about finally collecting all the back taxes due from Mayor-for-Life Marion "get over it" Barry? He worked out a sweetheart deal to pay his back taxes over YEARS. Why isn't his council paycheck being withheld until he pays EVERYTHING he owes?

  • SEis4ME

    @Blevins, I know I know. You don't like the fact that a DC native (black) has commercial property in Eastern Market. Hence the "Ward 7=criminal" commentary.

    Typical, surely u r aware that negotiating a payment agreement is what the IRS does right? Its not a secret. Please don't display the typical ignorance of some of the others in the anti-Barry brigade.

  • Blevins

    @SEis4ME: huh? I think you need to re-evaluate your jump to conclusions mat. As a DC native myself, I'm happy for all who own commercial property in DC. What I don't like is the tendency for our councilmembers/former councilmembers citizens to feel that they can continually cheat their constituents/ fellow citizens out of tax dollars. Your mileage may vary, however.

    Sadly, this behavior has seemed to occur more frequently with councilmembers from W7. Just a fact.

    So, you don't know. You don't know. Of course, that's nothing new. Seems to me that references to "The Plan" or the race card are the new Godwin's Law re: DC politics.

  • Angelina

    Hey, what about the MILLIONS stolen from Nat Gandhi's office over the years!!!

    Why not criminalize him and the others Loose Lips conveniently always fail to mention?

  • Will Sommer


    If you've got stories to suggest on Gandhi or anyone else, let me know. wsommer@washingtoncitypaper.com / 202-650-6925

  • SEis4ME

    Its been 20 years since he was in office so even on its face, lumping him iento the W7 corrupt CM seems silly. I'm not from here so can't speak to the majority of former W7 CM's whom u believe who are cheats. I can only think of one..Brown. But if owing property taxes makes you a scofflaw...you likely have similar feelings about the many other DC resident who owe taxes...even those who can't afford to pay it back.

    I have no idea...not one...about "The Plan" or what race has to do w/anything since I didn't mention anything about it...not one. But if it makes you feel better by decrying the "Oh no!, Black folk always playn the race/The Plan" card then go ahead...make it do what it do...

  • Blevins

    Let me get this straight, SEis4ME: you didn't mention anything about race, yet you say in your first sentence that "(I) You don't like the fact that a native (black) Washingtonian owns commercial property at eastern market". Care to reconcile your two comments?

    Your other assumptions are predictably false. Thanks for the laughs.

  • SEis4ME

    Ok you got me! I did point out the issue you apparently have w/people (black) from Ward 7 w/its long history of scofflaw'n representatives. Since my posts are moderated, I post from two computers and I should've read what was actually posted. That was my error.

    But I also did a quick google search and am stuck with Brown being the only CM who was a scofflaw. You mentioned that w7 has the largest number of cheats. Care to provide the list of others? Again, I'm not from here so don't know the history and would appreciate you reconciling what I've found against your own institutional knowledge.


  • SEis4ME

    Oh wow...that was fast!

  • Really?

    This is a non-story but it's inline with LL history of banging away at AA (politicians and business owners) in the city. It also shows the rules for ya'll (ya'll can't bring up anything from a past) and rules for us (we can bring up all the past history we want) HR is a business man at this point so if we go with that then I'll wait for the citypaper to do an article on Joe Englert and Douglas Jamel and see how many scofflaw comments they receive.

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  • Ward Six

    I have a great deal of respect for H. R. Crawford, but I am concerned because he is heavy involved in a large number of programs and his failure would affect a large number of people. Mr. Crawford could be doing nothing more than permitting himself a floating loan with the District. Not uncommon among developers, especially those who are heavily leveraged in real estate. He knows he has a certain amount of time to make good on the delinquent taxes, or this may truly be an oversight. On the other hand a business person not paying their taxes on time may also be indicative of a cash flow problem.
    Interesting that the only name you mention on the entire list of delinquent real estate tax payers is that of H.R. Crawford. LL also made it a point of linking Mr. Crawford to the nepotism scandal at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. LL didn’t mention the fact that he was also the landlord that provided Councilmember Y. Alexander some kind of discounted rent that was the subject of an Office of Campaign Finance Investigation. While the misuse of constituent funds were not fully vetted by the office of campaign finance (Honestly how do you conduct a complete investigation and not interview the staff, while letting the target’s lawyer answer questions for the them.) You better believe the Feds are looking at that mess.

  • Facts matter

    Two quick points: Marion Barry owes the DC Government thousands of dollars in back taxes. He also owes the IRS tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes. After repeatly not filing, or filing incomplete Tax returns, he was convicted and the IRS decided to garnish the wages that Barry receives as Councilmember. The IRS does that to protect the US government from having to go to court, if he fails to pay. The DC government has decided not to garnish his wages, so if Barry does not pay them they will have to bring him back to court. Not sure why he get this treatment…
    Also, LL pointing out that H. R. Crawford has not paid his taxes is a public service. According to the quote from Crawford himself "an oversight" occurred and by pointing it out to Crawford, DC get the 13k it is owed sooner.
    I hope LL will point out other people in DC that can be embarrassed into paying their taxes!