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Vincent Orange: NBC4 Made Me “the Butt of Jokes”

At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange would like to make one thing clear: He does not have a side door in his office. "People continue to think I slipped out a side door I do not have," Orange says in a press release sent to reporters and his D.C. Council colleagues today.

Why all the attention to Orange's entrances and exits? Last Wednesday, following a Washington Post report that Orange was talking with federal prosecutors, several reporters tried to talk to Orange in his Wilson Building office. The reporters were told that Orange was busy with meetings in his office, so they waited. When someone finally appeared to answer their questions, it was Orange's chief of staff, James D. Brown. According to reporters who were there, the councilmember had bypassed the press and driven away.

In his story on Orange, NBC4's Mark Segraves said Orange slipped out through a side door and got into his car. But Orange says his office doesn't have a side door, and he wants an on-air retraction. Some people who know there's no side door to his office think that he jumped out of a window to dodge reporters, according to Orange. "I am now the butt of jokes," he says in the release.

Segraves tells LL he meant a side entrance to the Wilson Building, not a side door to Orange's office suite. The distinction's clear, at least to LL. In the video, Segraves is seen standing near both a side entrance and the street.

If Orange's office doesn't have a side door, and he was in meetings inside his office, how did he get by reporters? LL wasn't there, but Orange's release offers a theory: It wasn't Orange getting in his car at all! In fact, it was his assistant, Stacey Lincoln. Orange was separately en route to Brookland's San Antonio Bar & Grill.

Or at least that's what LL thinks that the slightly garbled statement is saying: "Special Assistant to Councilmember Orange, Stacey Lincoln, who walked by the reporters, and then drove the Councilmember’s car on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 to the San Antonio Restaurant in northeast Washington to meet the Councilmember."

Brown wouldn't elaborate on the significance of Lincoln's inclusion in the press release.

Orange also alleges that Segraves left a voicemail threatening him with the side-door report unless he agreed to an interview with Segraves. Again, Brown wouldn't expand on what was in Segraves' voicemail.

This isn't the first time Orange has been accused of using a side door. In March 2012, a Post reporter tried to interview Orange about a plagiarized press release celebrating Dr. Seuss. "When the reporter went in looking for the council member, he was told Orange had left—apparently through a side door," the Post's Tim Craig wrote at the time.

Orange's press release and retraction request to NBC4's managing editor.


Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • James

    Vincent Orange Jumpsuit doesn't need any help from NBC4 to become the "butt of jokes." He's earned that distinction all by himself.

  • DC Guy

    Not the butt of jokes, just, you know, a butt.

  • Orange Press Release

    Councilman Vincent Orange issues press release...

    For Immediate Release:

    I AM An IDIOT!!!

    blah blah blah

    For additional information, contact me at the side door of the Wilson Building

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    No one care about what this bull frog thinks. I predict, he will be the next DC Counilmember to go down, following Mayor Vincent Gray. This has turne into a national mess!

  • Blevins

    @IANALD: From your mouth to God's ears...

  • SEis4ME

    Yep! You idibots keep trashing Orange waiting for his downfall. As was the case w/ya'll supporting Brown over Orange, he'll get the last laugh.

    Now on a more semi-serious note, why is whether Orange dodged a reporter through a side-door vs. A side-entrance important?

    Don't worry Orange....we got your back

  • Will Sommer


    I don't think it's particularly important a week later---politicians avoid reporters all the time---but apparently Orange does.

  • Ward Citizen


    "... predict, he will be the next DC Counilmember to go down..." Gawd I hope not, they need to get Graham, Oragnge is , once again, chump change in comparicon.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Yes, Ward Citizen, Miss Graham need to go down too.

  • Smh

    @SEis4ME: Who is this "we" you speak of? I'm from southeast and I don't support Vincent Orange crooked-ass.

  • SEis4ME

    @Will....thanks man! Good to know you have no control over what stories you decide to cover!

    @SMH, uhmmm...what does you living in SE hafta to do w/anything. Did I mention anything about it? No. But you (for obvious reasons) decided to make what I said about "we" supporting Vince into a case why not everyone is SE does..including you?

    Well alrighty then! Go ahead and make the SEis4me suporting Vince = SEDC supporting Vince connection. It only required reading but carry on...

  • drez

    Obviously the funniest/most notable part of this is that VO is inflicting damage on himself by, as Will said, bringing this up a week later and doing so in a maladroit way (by comparing himself to an ass (well, a butt, anyway).

  • truth hurts

    Your tax dollars paid for this dumb ass press release. What an idiot.

  • NE John

    How high from the ground is his window? This is freaking hilarious.

  • Blevins

    For someone who always brags about being a "lawyer AND an accountant" (insert eye roll here), VO doesn't seem to be the brighest bulb, or have very thick skin.

    Although I will agree with SEis4ME that if given the choice between dumb (VO) and dumbest (Fully Convicted), I'd take dumb, and hope for more folks like McDuffie to come up in short order.

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  • noodlez

    “the Butt of Jokes” & VINCENT ORANGE???


  • EP Sato

    Orange is a joke as a councilmember. He's been behind no major initiatives, but is always there for publicity shots.

    New leaders like Kenyon McDuffie have made it clear that it's possible to be a DC Native, be dedicated to the community, and still be clear of iffy connections and constant questions of integrity.

    If CMs Brown, Thomas and Brown have taught us is that when these CMs yell loudly about their innocence in the face of federal investigations that they're doing so because they've got something to hide.

    The Council needs to get rid of Orange and Graham. I'd love to see Evans and Wells off the Dais as well.

  • takingoverdc

    Dc can't gentrify fast enough to get these fools like Orange, Barry, Gray and Bonds out of office. Hopefully Machen will do our work for us.

  • saywhat14

    Takingoverdc, be careful what you ask for, believe me when the havenots, start hitting you and family members the haves over the head and killing and robbing the haves, you won't be laughing then. BTW- the white Councilmembers have been stealing for years and you know this, they just haven't gotten caught. I hope that you are the first one that the havenots get.

  • Concerned Senior

    @ saywhat14!!
    Don't woke takingoverdc, let him slept.
    Gentrify, smentrify, whatever would they do without the natives? How many gentrifyers know how to pick up trash, dig ditches, take care of babies, etc?

    As a Toni Morrison character once pontificated:

    "(Gentrifyers)don't have enough sense to wipe dey own asses. I knows cause I does dey laundry."


  • SEis4ME

    Dc can't gentrify fast enough to get these fools like Orange, Barry, Gray and Bonds out of office

    you gotta just luuuuuuuv this logic. In this person's mind, gentrification means voting MIDDLE CLASS black folk outta office and I assume make more room for nonblacks.

  • Really?

    Really greasy? Why? Whyyyyyyy?

    I hate to even type this comment but Yvette said the most prolific statement (ya'll) stop laughing...she did. She said that those on the council should be careful at passing judgment on those who were going through scandals because it may be them.

    Greasy thinks he's special and different but the reality is they used you for what they needed. They never liked you and now it's your time to go. Ain't nothing wrong with self esteem but there is a fine line with having self esteem and being full of yourself. Not sure if they teach that at law school (insert VO's "I the best video")

    We all know that most of these political figures have crap with them. That's just the nature of the beast. But what's interesting is that the Washington media has found a way to either look away from the same crap and/or justify the crap that white councilmembers have done.

  • R. Scott

    @EP Sato, it is clear you know nothing about DC Politics, Orange brought home depot, giant, and rhode island development to Ward 5, re-opened McKinely Tech, passed the education reform bill to mandate that the Chancellor be removed from the position if DCPS students can not read independently, add multiply subtract and divide by the 3rd grade, he has been fighting for terms limits for councilmembers,and end outside employment while sitting on the council, as well as Small Business reform, next week he will hold a hearing on making it law that big box retailers pay a $12.50 min, wage in DC to its employees, right now its $8.50, who can live off that?!!

    Jack evans, Cheh, Catania all have outside employment, the only position on the Council banned from outside is the Chairman's seat, so don't tell me about who the real crooks are, if you aren't talking about sitting councilmembers having outside employment and steering contracts

    Orange warned everyone about Fenty, K. Brown, and M. Brown and yet no one listened, shoutout @SEis4me you acknowledge this point

    Last, if NBC lied on Orange, thats a law suit point blank, espcially if he proved they lied and then they wont retract the statement....

  • R. Scott

    Last, all this McDuffie talk, McDuffie was Orange's intern and Orange mentored McDuffie while in Law School at Howard...people get your facts together!!!

  • James

    "Yes, Ward Citizen, Miss Graham need to go down too."

    I suspect he already does, regularly.

  • James

    I think it is beyond clear that Vincent Orange Jumpsuit (D-Pepco) is a crooked buffoon.