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D.C. Too Corrupt for One-Time Republican Candidate

Mary Brooks Beatty rides in the 2012 Capital Pride Parade

Mary Brooks Beatty is out of here. Beatty, the Republican who lost the November 2012 at-large D.C. Council race to Vincent Orange and David Grosso, is leaving the District for an unusual reason: the local government is so corrupt that it's hurting her quality of life.

"I do not trust or respect my local government," Beatty writes in today's edition of local email newsletter themail. "That feeling, which might be best described as outrage, leads me to say good-bye to this place that I have loved for the last fourteen years."

Beatty's ditching D.C. for the suburbs of Charleston, S.C., where she expects the politicians will be less prone to prison terms. Beatty claims that the impact of Wilson Building scandals have impacted her directly in several ways, including hurting the morale of city employees. "I think it can affect even the city services that we get," Brooks Beatty tells LL.

Beatty says she faced that same "culture of corruption" in her at-large run, when local businessmen she thought would make natural Republicans withheld campaign donations. "'If it looks like you have a good shot at it, then come back and talk to us,'" she recalls one would-be supporter telling her.

As it turned out, Beatty did not have much of a shot, coming in fourth behind Orange, Grosso, and an already on-the-take Michael Brown. If Beatty wants to escape the phenomenon of campaign donors backing the leading candidates, LL suspects she'll have to go much further than South Carolina.

Photo by Flickr user Thisisbossi used under a Creative Commons license

  • Joel
  • Dan


  • Milton

    South Carolina..good choice..clean as a whistle..

  • Just Looking

    @Joel: Brilliant!

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  • truth hurts

    You folks are being so unfair. Clearly she's upset with corrupt Democrats, not corrupt Republicans.

  • noodlez



  • Typical DC BS

    Funny how all the Dumocrats refuse to look in the mirror in DC. Approaching Chicago and New Orleans levels for incompetence and corruption here in DC, if we haven't surpassed those bastions of idiocy.

  • Derek

    It's the voters fault; they elect and re-elect DC's corrupt politicians every time. We deserve the elected officials we put into office.

  • DerekDumb

    I'm tired of the it is the voters fault line of argument...do you know anything about the power of incumbency? And did you know that the power of incumbency matters so much more here in DC, given that we 15 elected positions, and there is no incentive to leave a seat once you get it to pursue a higher seat.....because we don't have senators, multiple members of congress, lt. governors, etc......We also live in a major media market, so it is difficult for non incumbents to reach the voters without boatloads of money. So it really isnt the voters fault...incumbency rules everywhere, and DC has unique, structural problems that make incumbency even more potent here than elsewhere. Basic politics.

  • cutthecrap

    @DerekDumb...to add to your comment, we have a major party apparatus (democrats) that has virtually no power. Vince Gray, Adrian Fenty, Kwame Brown, and others would have never been elected dog catcher in states like CA, NY, IL, PA, and others without first paying their dues to the party. This is by no means an endorsement, but Jack Evans is the only one that truly raises funds for the local party (but he wouldn't be caught dead with most of the members of the central committee). Also, the national GOP does not require nor encourage the local party to be competitive (their charter should be revoked). To top it off, we have weak and schizophrenic media (WaPo, Times, City Paper) who can't make up its mind whether they are the liberal media or whether they are conservative. The local media is a bad as Faye Dunaway's character in the movie Chinatown trying to make up her mind whether the child she bore with her father is her sister or her daughter. Its no wonder we have all the crazies providing the absurd commentary on LL stories.

  • James

    The Feds should just turn the District Building into a small federal prison for political corruption. It will save money because the inmates are already there, unless, of course, Vincent Orange Jumpsuit decides to sneak out a "side door" again.

    As Jay Leno once joked back in the Barry era, DC shouldn't stand for the District of Columbia. It's more like a "district in Colombia." Except that today, Colombia seems less corrupt. But the joke's still on us all.