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What Do the Feds Want With Vincent Orange?

Federal investigators have been looking into at-large Councilmember Vincent Orange's 2011 campaign for a while now, but their activities heated up yesterday. First, the Post reported that Orange had met with prosecutors. Then, his chief of staff told reporters camped outside the councilmember's office that Orange's campaign had received subpoenas from the feds.

So, what could the feds be looking at? Take your pick.

There's Orange's 2011 campaign, which allegedly shared personnel and financiers of the 2010 shadow campaign to elect Mayor Vince Gray. In his victory speech, Orange thanked Vernon Hawkins, one of reputed operators of the shadow campaign. Last September, the FBI interviewed at least one former Orange aide about what role Hawkins and Jeanne Clarke Harris, another shadow campaign figure, played in the campaign. Harris, a longtime associate of alleged shadow campaign financier Jeffrey Thompson, resurfaced last week when former councilmember Michael Brown said she helped him avoid disclosing $20,000 in campaign donations from an unnamed local businessman.

There's also the matter of Sam Wang Produce, a food wholesaler near Union Market. Orange is so close with Sang Oh Choi, Sam Wang's owner and an Orange campaign donor, that he pulled rank earlier this year on Department of Health inspectors who wanted to shut down the business over a rat infestation.

Yesterday, WUSA9's Bruce Johnson tweeted that investigators are looking into a $60,000 "consultant" payment from a "NE Produce company" that also donated to Orange's campaign. Choi's attorney, A. Scott Bolden, told the Post yesterday that the Chois have received a subpoena.

Choi was out for the day yesterday when LL called his produce business. Attempts to reach him at Sang Oh & Company, his development company that's registered as a city Certified Business Enterprise, were not returned.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown

    Paybacks are hell, Vinny.

  • Chaz Murphy

    Vincent Orange rejoiced at the downfall of his political opponents. Hell, many people believe he helped to bring it about. I can't wait to see his arrogant fat head roll under an indictment charge. He is planning on becoming the next DC Mayor, but the only governance he will exercise will be in a jail cell with the hostess twinkies and ding dongs!

  • Chaz Murphy

    The $60,000 consuting payment sounds like the precise amount Old Vinny paid for his cadillac jeep. Need I say major violation of federal and District campaign laws. Vinny, kissyour wife and mistresses goodbye and say Hello to Big Bubba!

  • Really?

    Cock-a-doodle a doo!!!!! I hear chickens coming home to roost.

  • truth hurts

    What do they want with Orange? They're investigating possible criminal conduct. Given his relationships and activities with Hawkins, Thompson, and several other players, it's fairly likely, IMO, he'll ultimately join H. Thomas, K. Brown, M. Brown, and (pledge) V. Gray in the recently founded "DC pol. convicted felons club".

  • NE John

    put a Luger on the table, explain to him how he must do the right thing for the city, and close the door.

  • tellit

    This is sad, I mean the Luger part. Truth

  • tellit

    I know this looks real bad for black politicians in our city, but when are they going to start looking at white corruption within DGS? It's as though, they are deliberately targeting black power in an effort to discredit black leaders in our communities. These stupid guys just keep falling for the okidoki because of greed. We need to do more to protect our entrusted officials, as the temptation is great. Stop and think about the results of a matter. It's similar to lets say, white society forever called our communities the ghetto in an effort to devalue it and steal it back at rock bottom prices. We still latch on to those types of impressions today, referring to our own communities as the "HOOD" then price those same properties so high, we can't afford to even live there any more. This is all a set-up, by the white establishment to steal back, what was once our chocolate city. The term "Starve the Beast" kinda sums it up. Look around you people. someone's playing the 3 card Monty on us.

  • truth hurts

    Yep. That white cracker Machen is masterminding an evil plan to rid DC of black folk. Just like Obama is a closet Muslim faking his birth certificate.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    This bull frog troll will be next. I can't stand Vincent Orange and I've always suspected, he's corrupt like Michael Brown, Harry Thomas Jr., Kwame Brown, Jack Evans, and Jim Graham. Politicians can't be trusted.

  • James

    At least his prison jumpsuit will be in his trademark Orange.

  • Donniece Gooden

    I know you should not judge a book by its cover, but this man just looks greasy and sneaky to me. He looks like he was dipped into a bucket of Crisco and just cant be trusted. I always thought he just looked oily and slippery, like a snake. His s--t eating grin don't help matters. Usually its the people that smile the most, that have the most to hide.

  • Donniece Gooden

    Every time i see a picture of Orange, I cant help but wonder what this fool is cheesing and grinning so hard for. Somebody needs to tell him that his situation is not a laughing matter. Perhaps in prison he can get some rehab for his apparent baby oil addiction. This man just looks greasy, sleazy and unkempt to me. With a strong proclivity to shadiness and S-curl. SMH

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