Loose Lips

Morning Links

Feds subpoena Vincent Orange's campaign records. [NBC 4]

And Orange campaign donors at Northeast produce store last seen in rat investigation get their own subpoena. [Post]

Council backs off taxes on commuter buses after suburbs complain. [Post]

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Vincent Orange will be next on the list to go to jail. What a mess plagued with corruption for the current D.C. Council.

  • Blevins

    Hey, I was just wondering - who is the only councilmember not to have taken money from Jeff Thompson?

  • truth hurts

    You meant to ask who are the only two CM's not to have taken money from Jeff Thompson, right?

    You already knew about Wells, but did you know about Grosso?

  • Blevins

    I did, but by the time Grosso was running the writing was on the wall for Jeff.