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Former Jeff Thompson Employee to Plead Guilty in Straw Donor Scheme

A money order from Lee Calhoun's relative to Vincent Orange's at-large campaign

Add one more name to the federal investigation into alleged shadow campaign financier Jeffrey Thompson: Lee Calhoun. Calhoun, an employee of Thompson's former accounting firm, will plead guilty next week to a misdemeanor charge of making straw campaign donations, his attorney tells LL.

While an employee at Thompson's Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio, and Associates (renamed Bazilio Cobb Associates after Thompson sold his share last year), Calhoun and his relatives made at least $84,250 in contributions to the political campaigns of a wide range of D.C. politicians, including Mayor Vince Gray, former mayors Marion Barry and Adrian Fenty, and councilmembers Jack Evans and Muriel Bowser. The Calhoun family's names also appeared on a series of money orders, all written in similar handwriting, that were given to Vincent Orange's 2011 at-large campaign.

A federal criminal information filed today by the U.S. Attorney's Office against Calhoun alleges that at least some of the donations Calhoun made weren't really from him. Instead, Calhoun gave between $2,000 and $10,000—the information doesn't specify how much—to an unnamed U.S. House of Representatives campaign using someone else's money.

The criminal information describes that benefactor as "Executive A," and includes several revealing details: Executive A was a named partner in the firm, as well as the chairman, CEO, and majority partner—qualities that match the resume of Jeffrey Thompson. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office declined to comment on the identity of "Executive A."

Calhoun's attorney, Edward B. MacMahon, Jr., says his client's relatives weren't involved in the straw donations, even though their names appear on some of the donations. MacMahon expects his client to plead guilty at a Thursday hearing. A statement of offense released the same day will explain more about the nature of the charges, according to MacMahon.

Read the charging document below:

  • Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown

    Ask my old pal Vinny how he earned a living while he was campaigning for a year.

  • sticktoyourguns

    finally Muriel bowser is named is something...out of all the shit she has done with Fenty

  • Equality

    When will the crooked as all outdoors Fenty/Muriel Bowser Green Team get investigated?

    He raised $4.2 Million by bullying, threatening and shaking down developers and DC Contractors.
    Forced government employees to campaign for him while on the clock.
    There is still Fenty Campaign Material in some of the government cars.
    It's ridiculous!

    If his campaign does not get investigated this is some biased crap.

    Sinclair Skinner, Ron Moten & Fraudoholics, Omar Karim, Banneker Ventures, the whole kickback crew!

    Equality please!

    And better believe they are all behind Muriel "Tranny-Surprise" Bowser

  • saywhat14

    There were no laws broken then, they just made straw giving illegal after so many scandals. So any great Attorney should know that his client will win the case if charged. Doesn't make it right, but the law has to be followed and when those incidents took place there were no strong laws against it.

  • drez

    Straw donations have always been illegal to give.
    Think about the implications of this: Machen has gotten a slew of guilty pleadings.
    He has yet to take a case to trial. He hasn't had to.

  • mizwillis

    Machen hasn't won a case either and he WILL need to.
    He's playing it safe and using the long strong arm of the law to coerce toward helping him entrap others. The operative word here is WHY???????

  • sticktoyourguns

    YES...Bowser's name finally can't be covered up anymore. Machin is coming in for the kill.