Loose Lips

Morning Links

Michael Brown pleads guilty to bribery charge. [WAMU, Post, LL, Times]

Activist say medial marijuana applications don't exist yet, Department of Health says they do. [Times]

Disgruntled ex-director of Public Employee Relations Board was offered $30,000 severance. [Times]

Summer jobs program needs more money, Marion Barry says. [Examiner]

D.C. Council ignored warning signs about Brown, says Chuck Thies. [NBC 4]

  • andrew glover

    DC Government continue to give mix developers housing contracts where the owner has been found guilty of fraud a felony and spent 2 yrs of prison for a scam of real estate in the amount of 2 millions dollars.Scott nordheimer is the culprit of mid urban atlantic deveopment.Ashame.

  • truth hurts

    Enough with the Chuck thies links. This is the same guy who endorsed Mara.