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The LL Capital Pride Reviewing Stand

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson offers a choice of leis.

D.C.'s Capital Pride parade took place on Saturday, and that meant lots of two things: beads, and D.C. politicians making their pitches. LL attended the parade to report on the best and worst, and got pelted with some condoms for his trouble.

Best Entourage: Mayor Vince Gray got enthusiastic receptions at two other Pride events LL attended, and he continued to enjoy his incumbency in Saturday's parade. Gray's group of "One City Pride" marchers was easily the largest out of potential mayoral candidate's retinue. Still, while mayoral aspirant Muriel Bowser had a much smaller group, hers was more energetic. When she passed by LL, Bowser was putting her all into the Harlem Shake.

Best Sticker: While Tommy Wells' group was neither as big as Gray's nor as animated as Bowser's, he did have a guy wearing a purple wig and carrying a sign opposing urban sprawl. Wells had another advantage, too: a "Livable, Walkable, Danceable" sticker, which from LL's very unscientific survey seemed more popular among spectators than Bowser's stickers.

Arms Race: Jack Evans must have been tuckered out after his campaign launch Saturday morning, because his bead throwing was downright pitiful—put some elbow into it, Councilmember! Evans could take a lesson from Council colleague Vincent Orange, who managed to toss several of his signature orange beads onto the balcony of a second-floor apartment.

Best Float, Councilmember's Pick: Ward 7's Yvette Alexander walked with the Whitman-Walker Clinic crew during the parade, an appropriate choice for the chairwoman of the Council's health committee. Alexander's favorite float in the parade, though, was not as health-conscious. Asked to pick one by LL, she referred to the centerpiece of Chiplote's float: "The burrito so big you can ride it."

Photos by Will Sommer

  • Tom M

    That's some kinda burrito. Chipotle's going to get a lotta dates....

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    alexander and the burrito...where's freud when you need him?

  • noodlez


  • I Am Not A Liberal Democrat

    Politicians will sell their souls to the Devil to get elected into office or to stay in office.

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  • takingoverdc

    @noodle Did you have a good time at the parade? Meet any cute guys?

  • noodlez

    @takingoverdc-YEAH I MET YOUR MOM! HE WAS A NICE GUY.

  • Gray is Akward

    Grays team looked an entourage alright - like one of those New Orleans Funeral processions lol - uninspired and paid to be there...I bet our tax dollars went to his one city pride shirts that only staffers received ...a lil follow up Will? lol