Loose Lips

Morning Links

On the anniversary of his resignation, D.C. Council says it's over Kwame Brown. [Examiner]

Fire burns down Capitol Hill's Frager's Hardware. [WTOP]

Council bill that would make it easier for transgender people to change their birth certificates clears committee. [WAMU]

Better meters mean fewer parking tickets in D.C. [Post]

Council roasts cab commissioner Ron Linton over lack of safety stats at hearing. [Examiner]

And Linton tells WAMU that it's unfair "to view us as a dinosaur." [WAMU]

Following the ACLU report on racial disparity in pot arrests, Mayor Vince Gray asks Deputy Mayor Paul Quander to talk about the report with Chief Cathy Lanier. [NBC 4]

  • dude

    are you stupid, indifferent, or both? why don't you read some of suderman's coverage and emulate his approach, because yours is wretched. why are you linking to frager's fire? start focusing on your beat and developing useful content.

  • Colin

    Half those links are for the wrong articles.

  • SMH

    Yeah, this is a mess, Sommer. Not to mention, Marion's in the news again taking money from contractors, and THIS is what constitutes the daily links?

    c'mon, son.